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Hermitage Paradis 1880 Grande Champagne Cognac by Hermitage Ville Ancienne

Hermitage Paradis 1880 Grande Champagne Cognac by Hermitage Ville Ancienne
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Grande Champagne
70 cl
% Alcohol:
Wooden Box
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The period from 1870 to 1900 saw cognac houses in France produce some of their finest spirits, a few of which are still available today. This was a period before the official recognition of crus, however, it was widely accepted that the area north of the River Né and south of the town of Cognac produced some of the finest cognacs. The region later became known as Grande Champagne, the premier cru of the six cognac regions in The Charente. Like so many of these old finds this exceptional cognac has survived several generations, only to come to light after nearly 100 years of ageing in oak casks, slowly developing a unique and very special style and flavour. The cognac has reduced naturally, without the need for dilution or additives. One becomes aware of a deep rancio when bringing it to the nose and on the palate, there is an immediate richness and complexity. This has all the qualities of a seriously well aged cognac. Genuine history in a bottle and a pleasure to drink.

Additional Information

Aroma An intensely rich rancio aroma with cigar box, mushroom, saffron, ginger, cloves, cedar and sultanas, all of which develop into a delightful nuance of dried figs and green cardamom
Ageing Cognac casks, around the turn of the 20th century, were not large since handling them was difficult. They probably didn’t exceed 250 litres. This has been in cask for about 80 years.
Distillation We can’t be absolutely certain of the distillation but the relatively dry rancio suggests that this was distilled in a still with quite a narrow head and it was probably relatively small since few large stills had been introduced in this period.
Flavour There is turmeric and black truffle, mangosteen and medlar which combine with flavours of allspice, fig, cocoa and walnut. It has a rich and unctuous rancio.
Grape Variety Ugni Blanc
Reduction and Strength We are firmly of the opinion that this cognac has been aged naturally and that no reduction has taken place.
Viticulture Although there are several relatively flat areas in Grande Champagne most of the cru is covered with rolling hills probably not exceeding 150 metres. They comprise Cognacian and Santonian chalk ideal for the vine roots which can penetrate as much as 25 metres into the underground streams which run through the fissure in the chalk.