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Hermitage Provenance 25 Grande Champagne Cognac by Hermitage Provenance

Hermitage Provenance 25 Grande Champagne Cognac by Hermitage Provenance
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Grande Champagne
70 cl
25 years
% Alcohol:
Carafe and Presentation Box
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Cognac Masters 2014 - Masters Award

"Has more complexity" Judges' comments

Cognacs from the Grande Champagne age very slowly. The wonderfully complex flavours of this cognac are a result of having been kept in oak barrels in damp cellars for over 25 years. 

Additional Information

Aroma The aroma of fine cognac is a substantial part of its enjoyment. This cognac has wonderful rich, fruit syrup aromas such as pineapple but there are also those of roasted walnuts and spices.
Ageing Grande Champagne cognacs age at their best in old, damp cellars. The dampness of the cellars prevents the barrels from becoming too dry. This keeps the spirit in contact with the natural tannins in the oak for longer, producing a greater richness in the cognac. This cognac has been aged for over 25 years.
Distillation The stills used to distil the wines in this region are known as Charentais Alembics. Cognacs are always double distilled.
Flavour Like many fine cognacs this has a wonderful complexity of flavours. Roasted nuts, rich fruits and citrus qualities are all combined with a wonderful, intense fullness and balance.
Grape Variety Ugni Blanc and Folle Blanche.
Reduction and Strength Cognacs from the Grande Champagne age very slowly and can take more than 50 years to fully mature. Some very gradual reduction has taken place to ensure this cognac is sold at its best strength.
Viticulture Cognac vines thrive on relatively poor land but like their roots to penetrate through the ground to the underground streams. The porous chalk layers found here are some of the best in Grande Champagne. The grape grown in this area is almost entirely Ugni Blanc.