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Ragnaud Sabourin No 35 Grande Champagne Cognac by Ragnaud Sabourin

Ragnaud Sabourin No 35 Grande Champagne Cognac by Ragnaud Sabourin
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Grande Champagne
70 cl
35 years
% Alcohol:
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The family started selling cognacs about 60 years ago and are quite well known as independent sellers. The older cognacs are splendid examples of well aged Grande Champagnes and have rich woody and floral qualities.

Additional Information

Aroma Light and very refined. A touch of orange on the nose with hints of caramel and spice.
Ageing The cellars are old and damp, ideal for the slow maturation of these fine cognacs which can in some instances take many decades to reach their full maturity. Ageing is in old Limoursin barrels
Distillation The stills at Ragnaud Sabourin are relatively small and the heads are quite narrow allowing greater flavour into the cognac.
Flavour Rich woody and floral qualities. Sophisticated, with a touch of rancio, a little spice on a caramel finish.
Grape Variety Ugni Blanc
Viticulture The land here is close to perfect with rolling hills and porous chalk substrata allowing the roots to grow and collect water from deep into the ground. The vineyard is protected by the surrounding hills.