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The Good & Great Cognac Houses - Croizet

The firm was founded in 1805 and probably has one of the most intriguing histories of all the old houses. The Croizet family have been growing grapes since the 17th century and has always been important. Léon Croizet was awarded the Legion d’Honneur for the part he played in helping to replant the vineyards after the Phylloxera. He went to America and found resistant root stock onto which all modern cognac vines are now grafted. In 1892 a Mlle Croizet married a M Eymard (the reserve des Héritiers still carries the wedding photograph), the firm was run by Eymards  from that date until recently when it was bought by a Russian Oligarch.

The firm has around 150 hectares of vineyard mostly based in Grande Champagne but it did have some vineyards which it sold in the Borderies. It produced some of the loveliest cognacs tasted, unfortunately they were sold to develop more in the top cru. What perhaps is the most impressive aspect of  the firm is their collection of old pre-phylloxera cognacs which at one time was greater than 4000 bottles, many dating from around 1858. One of their great cognacs was the 1928 which was produced from the greatly favoured corner of Fins Bois just north of their headquarters in St Même-les-Carrières an area which several of their cognacs were based upon but not owned by the the firm. Indeed it requires to buy in nearly half of its eaux de vie from other producers.

It is said that the French authorities were so impressed with the firms bookkeeping that they were allowed to sell some of their cognacs as coming from specific vintages. This unfortunately was only good in the mid 20th century since by the 1990’s the paperwork for a large consignment of cognac sent to Russia went missing and resulted in a big fine of millions of euro’s.