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Gift Ideas

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Because all of our cognacs, armagnacs and calvados are vintage or have age statements, we can offer unique and memorable presents for every special occasion from Special Year Birthdays to Anniversaries to Celebration Days. It is always touching to give or receive a memento of a special occasion in your life and brandies that do not have a ‘best before’ date really fit the bill. Stored in an upright position and with the cork replaced, a bottle really can last for many years helping those memories to go on and on.

Our vintage brandies display the year that the grapes were harvested, great to pair up with a year of birth or marriage date. We have every single vintage year from 1928 – 2006 and a few more besides. And those brandies with age statements (for example 30 year old or 50 year old) clearly show for how long the brandy has been aged in the oak barrel. What a fitting gift to give on a special anniversary or one of those ‘big’ birthdays.

We sell the very best cognac, armagnac and calvados, each one of which makes an exciting and unusual gift idea that you simply won’t find anywhere else. To view the selection of festivity gifts for your celebration quickly, go to Occasion Gifts on the bar above and select the celebration of your choice. If you would like some advice on what to choose do not hesitate to call our offices on 01225 863988 where any member of our team will be only too happy to help.