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18th Birthday Gifts

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It is such a momentous occasion the day adulthood begins, it’s only right to celebrate in style. So, if you are looking for a very special keepsake to present as an 18th Birthday Gift, this is the place to be. We specialise in luxury, French brandies all of which have been handpicked for their superb quality. Many are vintages; which is the year that the grapes for the brandy were harvested. The subsequently produced ‘eau de vie’ has then been aged for many years in French oak casks to mellow the taste and bring about wonderful, individual flavours. Each one tasting different from the last. For those born in 2006 we have some wonderful vintage armagnac which would make a special, memorable gift. Vintage spirits, such as cognac and armagnac, will always increase in value over time as only a limited number of bottles were ever produced so once they have been drunk, there will be no more. The brandy will not deteriorate in the glass as the seal will ensure it stays the same as the day it was bottled (although we do recommend resealing bottles every 20 years). This dwindling supply does, however, mean that the price of vintage brandies is increasing all the time and their purchase is becoming recognised as a shrewd investment. Buying vintage armagnac as an 18th Birthday Present gives the recipient choices. Either to keep, drink and enjoy or, keep as an investment for years down the line when 2006 armagnacs become rare and highly sought-after.