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Luxury with Hermitage Vintage Cognacs

Indulge in the epitome of luxury with Hermitage Vintage Cognacs, crafted from the finest grapes of the Premier Cru region. Our luxury cognacs undergo meticulous distillation in small stills, followed by long natural ageing in oak casks. This individual ageing process enhances the richness and complexity of Hermitage Cognac, unequalled by major producers and resulting in a truly luxurious experience with each savoured sip.

Luxury with Hermitage Vintage Cognacs

Benefits of Hermitage Cognac:

  • Value: Early Vintage cognacs appreciate 7-10% p.a.
  • Vintage Cognac: Decades of ageing in dark cellars and bottled at the peak of excellence.
  • Single Cru: Sourced exclusively from the Premier Cru of Cognac, ensuring unparalleled quality and refinement.
  • Premier Cru: Handpicked grapes from prestigious estates, reflecting the essence of the region’s terroir and heritage.
  • Single Estate: Each cognac represents generations of skills and experience by individual distillers on acclaimed estates.
  • Unblended: Our cognacs are unadulterated, preserving the pure essence of the distillation process and showcasing the true character of the grapes.
  • No Artificial Additives: Free from artificial additives, our luxurious cognacs are a testament to authenticity and purity.

World Gin Day – Saturday 10th June 2023

World Gin Day

What a great excuse to enjoy all your favourite gins …… World Gin Day on Saturday 10th June 2023!  This annual event celebrates all things juniper including our delicious organic gins from Denmark.  They are made by Mosgaard, who have a modern interpretation of traditional gin with sweetness, softness, and lots of fruity notes.  Their gin is distilled on a hybrid steam infusion kettle with a mix of organic juniper, botanicals and fresh citrus fruits.  Take a look at the range of flavours:

Mosgaard Organic Dry Gin is a lime fresh gin with spicy sweetness and a long citrus after taste.  Makes a great gin and tonic with a garnish of fresh mint leaves, fresh basil, lemon verbena or lime or try it over ice with freshly squeezed lime juice.

Mosgaard Organic Tangerine Gin is sweet and floral and made from fresh tangerines. A perfect gin for cocktails adding a little acidity and apple-like sharpness or with tonic over plenty of ice.

Mosgaard Organic Crispy Apple Gin is made from Filippa apples which are spicy, sweet and have a fresh acidity after harvest.  It can be enjoyed over ice or with elderflower tonic and a garnish of fresh apple or thyme.

Mosgaard Organic Oak Cask Aged Gin has been aged in old bourbon and Pedro Ximenez sherry casks for 8-9 months. The whisky and sherry casks add sweetness, vanilla and caramel notes to the citrus and juniper flavours. Enjoy neat with a cup of coffee, spice it up with Ginger Ale and orange zest or use it in a dry martini.

Mother's Day 2023 – Sunday 19th March

Mother's Day 2023Mothers hold a special part
Of all that’s cherished in one’s heart,
She is one’s pearl, one’s soul, one’s mate;
She is the one to make life great.

Adapted from a poem by Kirsten Rollander

Looking for a special gift for Mother’s Day 2023?  We have lots of ginsbrandieswhiskiesliqueurs and vermouths from which to choose.  And if you fancy something out of the ordinary, do try some Pineau des Charentes.  Made from cognac eau de vie and grape juice it’s fabulous drunk cold as an aperitif or dessert wine.

Take a look at the special offers on our home page, every month we reduce the prices on three of our products so that more of you lovely people can try the wonderful variety that the spirits world has to offer.

Current Prices Held Until 25th July

PricesIt’s been a difficult time, financially, for everyone this year as prices increase.

With energy prices soaring and raw material shortages across the globe, all our producers are struggling with increased costs.

Unfortunately, these increased costs have inevitably been passed on to us and so we have had to review our prices too.

Our new prices will, therefore, come into effect on Monday 25th July.

So, if you have some summer birthday gifts to buy, now’s the time to do it!

Shipwrecked Cognac Goes To Market?

Two years ago we posted the story below about 100 year old shipwrecked cognac that had been raised from the sea bed wondering if it would still be drinkable ….

Well it appears not as 300 of the bottles are about to go on sale, for £9,000 each, filled with a different cognac from the same period.  Cognac house Birkedal Hartmann, descendants of De Haartman, painstakingly cleaned the one litre bottles and filled them with Grande Champagne Cognac from 1910-15.  Using company archives they reproduced the original corks, capsules and labels and presented them in a handmade gift box also containing its original cork and a photograph of the SS Kyros.

The story in 2020:

shipwreckedIn 1917, SS Kyros set sail for St Petersburg from France.  As it approached Sweden, the cargo ship was sunk by a German submarine UC58.  For decades the ship was assumed lost but in 1999 it was discovered 77 metres below sea level having been damaged by fishing trawlers and trawl boards.  It took 20 years to clear the shipwrecked vessel for exploration, but it was worth the wait as hidden inside were 50 cases of cognac from De Haartman & Co.  An exciting and historical find from the time when Tsar Nicholas II was Emperor of Russia.  It is difficult to estimate the current condition of the cognac as this will, in part, be dependent on the bottle seals (see this month’s Technical Topic).  Interestingly, some bottles of 1890 champagne, which had spent over a century buried in wet chalk underground after a landslide, were recently opened.  At the tasting they were deemed “still pleasant to drink” so maybe there is some hope for the turn-of-the-century cognac yet?

Recent Press Articles Featuring Hermitage Cognacs

House Supply featured in the Financial Times supplement

David Baker, Hermitage Cognacs is The Bounty Hunter

Lots to report from the press recently.

Will Lyons, writing for The Sunday Times, said “Hermitage 1995 Grande Champagne Cognac – An extraordinary cognac sniffed out by David Baker at Brandyclassics, this is one to treasure and bring out on special occasions.  It has an intricate range of flavours, from mocha and dark chocolate to toasty walnut.  Enjoy sparingly and it will keep for years.”

Henry Jeffreys, the Features Editor for Master of Malt, has written up his Hermitage Cognac Tasting Notes featuring the 1990 41%abv (which has since sold out), 1952, 1960, 1920 and the 1885 which he described as “Simply breath taking”.  His in depth article can be read here.

Club Oenologique featured our Cognac Trophy winner, Hermitage 1960 Grande Champagne Cognac, describing it as “A seamlessly crafted and decadently enjoyable palate.”  This was followed by a superb piece from Joel Harrison about ‘The cognac bounty hunter’, our very own MD, David Baker.  Describing how the company came to be and our most exciting cognac finds to date, you can read it in its entirety here.

Flambe Pancakes With Cognac

We’re in the month leading up to Lent, a good time to enjoy the finer things in life – like vintage cognac , armagnac or flambe pancakes before, perhaps, embarking on a period of austerity.

If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day how about some vintage calvados? Intense and rich, baked apple flavours present something different and delicious for ‘him’ and ‘her’ on 14th February.

But when Shrove Tuesday comes around on 28th February, flambé pancakes, in the French tradition, are a must. Some Hermitage 2005 Cognac will provide a wonderful richness to the pan and enhance the flavour – what a finish to the month.  Hermitage Vintage Cognacs have great individuality of style and flavour.

Responsible Drinking on the Increase

The Wine and Spirit Trade Association has welcomed the latest survey of UK drinking trends by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) which shows an increasing number of people drinking responsibly. Reduction in the frequency of drinking enables customers to be more discerning in their choices and look towards the luxurious end of the drinks market.  Brandyclassics has always positioned itself at the top end of this market as our customers seek exceptional quality and individuality from our cognacs and other brandies.  Our own house, Hermitage, was in fact borne out of the need to supply a range of exquisite cognacs to discerning connoisseurs who demand superior quality and in 2013, our top selling cognac was the Hermitage 2000 Chez Richon.

The Charente Scene – Winter 2014

Never has the weather in an area been more important than it is in the Charente and once again the unexpected has happened with temperatures in the high teens. Indeed growth has already started to show on many of the vines before all of them have been cut back. One surprised cognac merchant reported seeing butterflies in his garden! Of course a cold spell is hoped for as this often kills off the bugs before they can do any damage. The official figure from the BNIC for cognac production last year is 13hl/hectare of pure spirit but most producers appear to be of the opinion that we will be lucky to get 10hl/hectare. Indeed that which we know about so far is quite light.  It appears to lack any real body, is relatively poor quality and probably more suited for the younger cognacs than for ageing. At Chez Richon it seems likely that we may have done slightly better than average; we’re keeping our fingers crossed!


With the festive season soon to be upon us, we thought that a word or two from the Managing Director, about how to avoid the worst hangovers, wouldn’t go amiss…….

My grandmother used to say “drink a glass of milk to line your stomach”, not sure if that worked but drinking a lot of water before you hit the bottle certainly helps as it dilutes the alcohol before it has time to absorb into the bloodstream. The alcohol causes the blood vessels to dilate, creating a comfortable warm flush but it also depresses the central nervous system in the brain creating a relaxed feeling.

Unfortunately, alcohol also interferes with the secretion of some hormones which inhibit the flow of urine, so the kidneys send water directly to the bladder and you rushing to the loo – instead of reabsorbing it into the body. You only need to drink about 250ml of alcoholic drink for the body to expel up to four times as much liquid. Body water is essential so it will be stolen from the brain making it shrink and causing pain. The more alcohol you drink the more you start to feel sick.  Constant urinating leads to a depletion of salts and potassium, and toxins irritate you stomach lining. Your stomach also produces hydrochloric acid so the nerves send a message to the brain that the stomach’s contents are hurting the body and must be expelled! Alcohol also interferes with the production of glutamine, a natural body stimulant. Whilst you are drunk, the levels of glutamine are low encouraging a deep sleep however, the body works hard to produce excesses of the stimulant.  This increases brain activity which wakes you up and prevents you from reaching the deepest and most relaxing form of sleep, usually making you tired and hung over in the morning.

So what can we do the following morning to overcome the horrendous head pains and nauseous feeling? Vitamin C is said to be good and a couple of fizzy tablets also help but aspirin can make you feel worse as it affects the lining of your stomach.  Coffee can have the same effect so probably water, or some juice, is best in large quantities and with food to help absorb more alcohol. One sure way to help things along is exercise, enough to make you sweat the alcohol out. Sure, it hurts in the short term but normality seems to come quicker the harder you go at it. For me though, I take the easy route, a really hot steam in a sauna for an hour works wonders!

Perhaps though, you should do as we do at Brandyclassics. We taste a lot of cognacs, as you would imagine, and after rolling it around our mouths, chewing it and making sure all parts of our mouths are suitably coated with the nectar, we spit it out!  Seriously though do enjoy your Cognacs , there are a lot of different ones to taste so take it easy, you will enjoy them just that bit more.