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Celebrate National Cognac Day with Hermitage Cognac

National Cognac Day, celebrated annually on June 4th, offers an excellent opportunity to delve into the rich history and exquisite craftsmanship of this renowned French spirit. Cognac, a type of brandy that hails from the Cognac region of France, boasts a storied past and a meticulous production process that ensures its premium quality.

History of National Cognac Day

Cognac’s origins trace back to the 16th century when Dutch settlers arrived in the Cognac region to purchase wood, wine, and salt. They faced a preservation challenge when exporting wine back home, prompting them to distil the wine with eau de vie. They discovered that double distillation produced a finer, tastier product, leading to the birth of brandy.

While brandy is produced globally, only brandy from the six designated areas in the Cognac region of France can be called cognac. These regions span Charente-Maritime and Charente in Western France. The Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac (BNIC) regulates the stringent laws and measures for a brandy to be labelled as cognac. Only specific grape varieties, primarily Ugni Blanc, can be used. The wine must be distilled in an ‘alambic charentais‘, a copper pot still, and then aged in French oak barrels. Longer ageing periods enhance the complexity and aroma of the cognac.

Hermitage Cognac Selections for National Cognac Day

To celebrate National Cognac Day, we recommend four exceptional Hermitage Cognac selections, each with its unique aroma, flavour profile, and characteristics.

  1. Hermitage 10 Year Old Grande Champagne Cognac
    • Aroma: Rich and fruity with notes of dried apricots, vanilla, and a hint of oak.
    • Flavour Profile: Smooth with a well-balanced mix of fruit, vanilla, and a touch of spice. Perfect for a Cognac Old Fashioned.
    • ABV: 43%
  2. Hermitage 20 Year Old Grande Champagne Cognac
    • Aroma: Intense and complex, featuring dried fruits, figs, and subtle floral notes.
    • Flavour Profile: Full bodied with layers of dried fruit, honey, and a long, rich finish.
    • ABV: 42%
  3. Hermitage Cognac Cacao 25
    • Aroma: Luxurious notes of dark chocolate, coffee, and roasted nuts.
    • Flavour Profile: Decadent with a harmonious blend of mocha, cocoa, and a touch of spice, creating a unique and indulgent experience.
    • ABV: 44%
  4. Hermitage 1960 Grande Champagne Cognac
    • Aroma: Exquisite with a bouquet of old leather, tobacco, and hints of dried fruits.
    • Flavour Profile: Exceptionally smooth with deep flavours of prune, walnut, and a lingering finish of spice and oak.
    • ABV: 40%

Hermitage Trilogy Cognacs

Hermitage Cognac unveils ‘The Trilogy’, featuring Cigar 15, Café 20, and Cacao 25 Grande Champagne Cognacs. Aged without colour or sugar additives, each bottle epitomises top cru excellence for the true connoisseur’s delight. This sensory journey, highlighting our distinctive mocha and roasted nuts house style, honours the tapestry of 20th Century café culture.

The packaging, reminiscent of Impressionist Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s allure, artfully intertwines the sophistication of cognac, coffee, cigars, and cacao.

Hermitage Trilogy Cognacs

Hermitage Cigar 15 Cognac: Many fine aromas of tobacco, almond and nutmeg precede. The drier forest floor flavours with walnut, saffron and cocoa tailing off to a long, kumquat finish. Abv 41% 

Hermitage Café 20 Cognac: A rich, robust, dark cognac with mocha, coffee and roasted walnut flavours combined with brittle toffee and some citrus finishing notes.  Abv 42% 

Hermitage Cacao 25 Cognac: Initial aromas of dark chocolate complement balanced flavours including wild cherries, bay leaves, ginger, honey and a long orange marmalade finish. Abv 43%

‘The Trilogy’ encapsulates the essence of Grande Champagne quality, presenting a refined fusion of flavours inspired by a timeless era in every sip.

Hermitage Returns to Prowine Singapore 23 – 26 April 2024

Discover why Hermitage Single Estate Cognacs are revered as the pinnacle of luxury. Our commitment to sourcing high quality, aged premier cru cognacs ensures an unparalleled tasting experience. From 20 year old cask matured eaux de vie to rare finds aged for nearly a century, our cognacs are free from artificial additives, and boast age statements for transparency.

Chosen for maximum flavour and minimal alcohol burn, Hermitage Single Estate Cognacs undergo long barrel ageing in dark, humid cellars by seasoned cellar masters. Plus, enjoy competitive prices that are only half that of big brand generic blends like VSOP and XO.

Hermitage Single Estate, Premier Cru Cognacs are magnificent examples of luxury and  our Asian customers adore them. We are now actively distributing our fine cognacs across Southeast Asia. Tasting is believing so come and taste the mastery of tradition at Prowine Singapore, 23 – 26 April, booth 2C2-11. Sample our classic cognacs, including the Hermitage 50 Year Old, Hermitage 1944, 1960, 2004, and the magnificent 1 litre crystal decanter, Marie Louise 70 Year Old, all timeless classics from the Grande Champagne region.

Looking to offer your customers the finest cognacs? Look no further than Hermitage Cognac.

 Register your visit to Prowine Singapore 2024 for free here.

The Cognac Show 2024

Prepare your senses for a two day cognac extravaganza as the highly acclaimed Cognac Show makes a grand return on 22 – 23 March 2024, at the exquisite Glaziers Hall on the scenic bank of the Thames. This celebration promises to reignite the passion for Cognac, once the UK’s favourite spirit.

The Cognac Show

History and Rediscovery:

Once the darling of the UK, Cognac aims to reclaim its glory at the Cognac Show. Comparable to whisky in its aged sophistication, Cognac unveils a world of variety and complexity, inviting enthusiasts to appreciate its rich heritage and nuanced flavours. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a novice, the Cognac Show promises to be your gateway to the charm and wonder of cognac.

Indulge in the grandes dames of cognac with special tokens granting access to super premium old and rare bottles. Over 150 Cognacs will be available for tasting across the different stands.

Visit us:

Visit the Hermitage Cognac team at stand one, where our finest releases, including age statements, vintages, and the new Trilogy range, will be available for tasting. Our Dream Pours for this year are the Hermitage 50 Year Old Grande Champagne Cognac and the opulent Hermitage Marie Louise Crystal Decanter, showcasing the pinnacle of cognac craftsmanship.

Secure Your Tickets:

Tickets are on sale now on the Cognac Show website. For more information about our products or to plan your visit, email us at Leave behind your slippers and smoking jacket – step into the new world of Cognac at the Cognac Show 2024!

Mother’s Day 2024

Wondering what to buy for Mother’s Day 2024? We have a unique selection of brandies and dessert wines to suit every Mum ….

Gift Mum the Hermitage 2005 Grande Champagne Cognac which, as with all our cognacs, was created with exceptional skill – no caramel or sugar syrup were added – a considerable achievement with a young cognac. 

If she loves an after dinner drink, then the Grappa Torcolato is a beautiful addition to any drinks cabinet. Perfect as an after dinner ‘digestive’ or add to expresso coffee to create a ‘caffè corretto’.

Dupont Dream Calvados Cream has a deliciously clean apple flavour. If she likes cream liqueurs she will love this!

If Mum loves her dessert wines then the Chateau de Beaulon 2000 Pineau des Charentes is a delicious and rich choice that is perfect on its own or with the sweet course.

The Dupont Pomme Captive Pays d’Auge Calvados is a highly specialised product that contains an attractive apple macerating in calvados and makes for an appealing gift this Mother’s Day.

Larsen Cognac Challenges The Stereotype

Larsen CognacA recent article in Trend Hunter explains how Larsen Cognac is challenging the traditional image of cognac with its new campaign. Cognac has traditionally been viewed as a niche product associated with older, affluent individuals. However, in recent years, cognac brands have worked hard to appeal to younger audiences by introducing innovative packaging and partnerships with popular culture and fashion icons.  Their aim is to break down the perception that cognac is only for the elite and make it more accessible to a wider range of consumers.

Larsen Cognac is now following that trend by creating a campaign to reinvigorate their brand.  Their new ‘Discover’ concept, has been designed to ‘challenge the idea of who cognac is for and how it can be consumed’. Mika Raukko, representing Larsen Cognac, said “The world is changing and so are the consumers.  They expect brands to be more inclusive, diverse and authentic.  The ‘Discover’ concept stems from the insight that making a new discovery in life makes us grow.  And in order to make new discoveries you need to view the world with fresh eyes and be open to changing perspectives.”

There is no doubt that this resonates well with how people today are seeking new experiences that enrich their lives.  And of course, all cognac brands will benefit from added exposure to a wider, younger audience as cognac becomes more mainstream.  Not all cognac brands are the same so we must applaud Larsen’s call to be adventurous and try new offerings.  We certainly class Hermitage as different from the rest!

Different Types of Brandy

Here at Brandyclassics and Bunch & Bushel we sell three main types of French brandy: cognac, armagnac and calvados.

Brandy is the generic name for spirits that have been made from fruit and produced all over the world.  But some brandies have very specific guidelines concerning their production.  So what is the difference between our products?  This can be summarised as follows:


  • Made from specific grape varieties
  • Produced in the Cognac region of France only
  • The eau de vie must be distilled twice
  • Distilled in copper pot Charentais stills.


  • Made from specific grape varieties
  • Produced in the Armagnac region of France only
  • The eau de vie is distilled just once
  • Produced on a continuous Alembic still


  • Made from apples
  • Produced in the Calvados region in Normandy
  • Top cru calvados must use the double distillation method on a pot still to be labelled Pays d’Auge
  • Column still distillation is mandatory to produce Calvados Domfrontais

Read more about the production of these wonderful French brandies on our Brandy Education page.  Another useful article outlining the differences between 12 types of brandy can be found here.


Current Prices Held Until 25th July

PricesIt’s been a difficult time, financially, for everyone this year as prices increase.

With energy prices soaring and raw material shortages across the globe, all our producers are struggling with increased costs.

Unfortunately, these increased costs have inevitably been passed on to us and so we have had to review our prices too.

Our new prices will, therefore, come into effect on Monday 25th July.

So, if you have some summer birthday gifts to buy, now’s the time to do it!

Hermitage Cognacs toast four Master awards at Global Cognac Masters 2022

Cognac Masters 2022We are thrilled to announce that the Cognac Masters 2022 results have just been released and it was an exceptional medal haul for Hermitage.

A Master Medal was awarded to all four entrants, providing the best set of results for Hermitage ever.  These latest winners are:

Hermitage 10 Year Old Grande Champagne Cognac.  Judge’s comments: Candied orange aromas. Really nice texture to this Cognac, hints of spice and rich fruitiness. Very sippable actually, would also be ideal for mixing.

Hermitage 25 Year Old Grande Champagne Cognac.  Judges’ comments: Superbly expressive nose with rancio, cedar wood and sandalwood, followed by deep dark dried fruits – raisins, prunes, sultanas – milk choc, vanilla, delicious juicy peach and plump sultana, deep woody spices add wonderful earthy notes, long finish that keeps going.

Hermitage 1975 Grande Champagne Cognac.   Judges’ comments: Very resinous palate, dry tannins, slightly saline. Hint of bitterness, stone fruits.

Hermitage 1972 Petite Champagne Cognac  Judges’ comments: Well-rounded palate- some citrus mid-palate, lifts everything. Nice combo of fruit, sweetness and spice – higher ABV holds well. Complex and well balanced.

The MD, David Baker, said

“We are really thrilled by this unprecedented recognition for our brandies. We work incredibly hard to source the very best cognacs we can find in the region, always from single estates and with age statements attached to them, and this is a tremendous reward for our efforts.  It also demonstrates that it’s possible to have exceptional quality, even in the more modest ranges such as with our 10 year old Grande Champagne (which won Master in the the VSOP – single estate flight).”

Read more about the competition results here:    The Cognac Masters 2022 results – The Spirits Business

Christmas Stock and Delivery Times

ChristmasThis year we have expanded our online offering to include more spirits and liqueurs than ever before.  So, in addition to our award-winning cognacs, armagnacs and calvados, we now have organic whiskies and gins, liqueurs and grappas, eaux de vie and vermouths.  Do take a look at our website, we really do have Christmas gifts for everyone!

For Christmas deliveries to addresses in the UK please ensure your orders are with us by

12 noon on Wednesday 22nd December 2021

Generally, UK orders placed before 12 noon will be delivered the following working day but please be aware that although we are able to process orders within 1 working day, Parcelforce are not always able to meet their normal delivery times at present.   Our deliveries to America are also taking longer than usual due to a shortage of flights so all orders to the rest of the world should be placed as soon as possible please.