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We make no pretence, Hermitage single estate cognacs are the very finest available in the world today. Years of research has identified distillers who are able to combine the specific viticulture, viniculture and complex ageing procedures required to produce exceptional cognacs of distinctive character. Our understanding and synergy with these highly individual producers has created pure cognacs of great maturity and finesse unlike more commercial cognacs that use additives to conceal their young ages and aggressive character. Our unique position enables us to concentrate on these very special nectars, many of which have laid in cellars for decades, rather than the more commercial and larger quantities required by the big houses such as Hennessy, Courvoisier, Martell et al. Cognac houses such as these will blend thousands of young brandies together to create the generic VS, VSOP and XO titles. Hermitage Cognacs are the result of very specific distillation qualities and long, careful ageing in oak casks, from a single estate producer. Our commitment to locating exceptional cognacs has been recognized in the multiple awards received by Hermitage Cognacs. These prestigious cognacs can be found in some of the most famous bars and restaurants in the world, having carved an enviable reputation in the luxury cognac market for producing distinctive, rare and sought after vintages of exceptional individuality and quality.