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Hermitage 2005 Grande Champagne Cognac – A Vintage Marvel

Hermitage 2005 Grande Champagne Cognac stands as a pinnacle of sophistication, with a commitment to crafting only the finest spirits. The heart of our collection lies in the Grande Champagne region, where the slow ageing process imparts a unique richness. 

Guided by our brand policy, all Hermitage Cognacs age for a minimum of ten years, a testament to our unwavering dedication to excellence.

The meticulous aging process defines the Hermitage 2005 as it matures in 350 litre casks, spending six to eight months in new casks, and gracefully ageing further in seasoned Limousin casks. The medium damp cellars, with their natural floors, contribute to the refined character of this limited edition cognac, available in only a few bottles.

2005 Grande Champagne Cognac

The Aroma and Flavour:

The Hermitage 2005 is a sensory delight. Aromas include a blend of chocolatey mocha, fragrant walnuts, and a subtle vanilla undertone. The flavours unfold with toffee, hazelnut, roasted walnut, and spices such as mace, revealing a vibrant zest of tangerine peel on the tail.

From Vineyard to Glass:

Creating the Hermitage 2005 involved a meticulous blend of Ugni Blanc and Folle Blanche grapes, capturing the signature essence of the Grande Champagne terroir. The flatter soil, coupled with Coniaçian chalk, imparts a unique character. Consistent, moderate weather ensures optimal grape ripening.

Distinctive Distillation:

The Hermitage 2005 would have been distilled on a small still with a straight-sided head minimising rectification and preserving maximum wine flavours. A fairly heavy lees enriches the cognac, creating a symphony of delicate notes.

Sip and Savour:

In every sip of Hermitage 2005 Grande Champagne Cognac, one embarks on an exclusive journey through time, terroir, and expert craftsmanship. This limited edition masterpiece can be enjoyed on its own, allowing the complexity of flavours to unfold, or paired with a Côte de boeuf, glazed carrots, and Café de Paris Butter sauce.

Indulge in the extraordinary; savour the sophistication that defines Hermitage Cognacs.

Delord 2006 Bas Armagnac Arrives

As always at this time of year we bring to our shelves a vintage Delord 2006 Bas Armagnac that was harvested 18 years ago. It is the youngest vintage that we stock, and the perfect gift for those turning 18 this year.  Vintage spirits, such as cognac, armagnac and calvados, will always increase in value over time as only a limited number of bottles were ever produced. Once they have been drunk, there will be no more. The armagnac will not deteriorate once put into glass as the seal will keep it the same as the day it was bottled (although we do recommend resealing bottles every 20 years). The reducing supply, however, means that the value of vintage brandies is increasing all the time and being recognised as a shrewd investment.

Giving vintage armagnac as an 18th Birthday present gives the recipient choices. Either to keep, drink and enjoy or, keep as an investment for years down the line when 2006 armagnacs are far more difficult to obtain. So if you know someone who was born in the year that Italy won the FIFA World Cup and ‘Borat’ was released, this Delord 2006 Bas Armagnac could be the gift for them.

The Times Features Hermitage Cafe 20 Cognac

coffee cognac

Last weekend in The Times luxury supplement, Luxx, Jane MacQuitty wrote about the best bottles to give as ‘gluggable gifts’. Obviously we were delighted to see our extremely popular Hermitage Cafe 20 Cognac from Grande Champagne featured. Jane described it as ‘Magnificent mocha, vanilla, wood-smoke and marzipan-licked top-drawer cognac from a great producer’.

A Cognac Masters 2020 Gold Medal Winner, the Cafe 20 has also been described by TV presenter and award-winning wine expert Olly Smith as “this is as good as it gets and it’s mind-blowing with after-dinner coffee”.

Perfect to enjoy with friends at Christmas; you can read more about it here

Christmas Luxury Gift Guide

December is well underway so its time to turn our attention to present shopping. But, what do you buy for the person who has everything? Well, we’ve put together a list of our favourite, luxury drinks that will go down a storm this Christmas. Not only do they taste fantastic, some of the packaging is exquisite and will grace any sideboard with aplomb.

The three, classic French brandies of cognac, armagnac and calvados really come into their own at this time of year as their typical flavours of roasted nuts, spices and dried fruits complement the Christmas fayre brilliantly.

We have selected 5 of our favourites to feature here but go and explore our website, there are so many Christmas Luxury Gifts from which to choose.

Christmas Luxury Gift Guide

Hermitage 50 Year Old Grande Champagne Cognac

Winner of The IWSC Cognac Trophy 2021, this masterpiece is still in cask. The Judges described it as “Like opening an old leather-bound book or antique oak armoire. Figgy pudding and rich dark chocolate; wonderful rich spices and the bitterness of orange zest come through on the palate. Spicy but gentle and supremely dry.” RRP £531.60

Christmas Luxury Gift Guide

Toutain Reserve Odile 60 Year Old Calvados

This exclusive bottling pays tribute to Odile Toutain who, 60 years ago, took over Domaine de la Couterie. Distilled in 1959, it was carefully aged for 60 years in the family cellars before a limited edition of only 234 bottles was released. Presented in a beautiful carafe, sealed in a wooden housing, this is a truly rare gift. RRP £1164.60

Christmas Luxury Gift Guide

Darbeau 1943 Bas Armagnac

Steeped in history, this 1943 Bas Armagnac was distilled during the height of World War II when many wonderful brandies were requisitioned by the occupying forces. Few survived but this wonderful example of a top cru armagnac s one of the few that remain. Distilled 70 years ago, it epitomises history in a bottle. RRP £1908.00

Christmas Luxury Gift Guide

Hermitage 1923 Grande Champagne Cognac

Imagine life a century ago, that is when this stunning cognac was made. Tasting cognac from that era is a extra special treat, especially when, according to Olly Smith, Wine & Spirits Expert, it “has a gorgeous flavour, somewhere between a sultana and a sun-dried apricot with the spirit framing the layers with impeccable integration.” RRP £2086.40

Christmas Luxury Gift Guide

Hermitage Cognac Marie Louise Crystal Decanter

The icing on our Luxury Christmas Gift Guide cake! A masterpiece of smoothness, aged for 70 years in oak barrels, it is described by Victoria Moore of the Saturday Telegraph as “Likely to be one of the finest cognacs you have tasted.” This litre of amazing cognac is all wrapped up in a completely hand-blown and hand-cut, full-lead luxury English crystal decanter. What more could you ask for? RRP £2220.00

Hermitage Pre 1900 Cognacs


There are hundreds of small cognac houses, most sell their young brandies to the big houses, but a few keep their special treasures tucked away for those who appreciate the golden nectar. 

Hermitage Cognac Limited has, for decades, sourced cognacs from the very finest producers in the Premier Cru of cognac, known as Grande Champagne.  Perhaps because of our exposure to many small family creators of fine brandies, we occasionally find cognacs hidden away in family cellars, often referred to as ‘Paradis’.   These innermost chambers house small batches of cognac in glass bonbonnes and sometimes contain cognacs that were made more than one hundred years ago.  These cognacs may have lived in their barrels for decades, and some, because of how they were made and aged, will be the perfect nectars that we are proud to call Hermitage.

Old cognacs are rare, and cognacs made before 1900 are exceptionally rare.  Cognacs are produced in France.  Nowhere else in the world is allowed to call their brandy ‘cognac’. The available quantity of cognac made before 1900 is miniscule and consequently, the value of these old vintages is increasing. We do not know how many more old and desirable cognacs we will find. But what we do know is that when they are all sold, the value of those still in circulation will rise alarmingly.

Hermitage pre 1900 Cognacs

Vintage Cognac Values

During the 1990s individual bottles of vintage cognac, from as early as 1790, were available in the marketplace for between £1500 to £2000.  Cognacs from 1800 – 1860 could be purchased for between £1200 – £1700.

By 2015, very early bottles from before 1800, were being sold for £27,000 and cognacs from 1800 to 1860 for £12,000 to £19,000.

Within the last 5 years, two imperial three quarter gallon bottles of Massougnes, which in 2000 sold for £7000, sold in London for £246,000 each.

The acceleration of cognac values since 2015 leaves us in little doubt that by the end of the decade, prices will have doubled again.

Our Offering

In addition to purchasing our Hermitage Pre 1900 Cognacs in bottles, we also offer the range in glass bonbonnes.  Each vintage can be purchased in either 10 litre or 30 litre bonbonnes.

Our Latest 2004 Vintage Cognac

2004 Vintage Cognac

We always like to introduce new vintages into our Hermitage Cognac range. The MD spends many hours visiting some of the many distillers, usually situated in Grande Champagne, looking for our next cognac masterpiece. Our latest find is a 2004 Vintage Cognac and for a cognac that is not yet 20 years old, it is sensational.

This Hermitage 2004 Grande Champagne Cognac comes from the gentle slopes around the town of Segonzac, in the centre of the premier cru.  A truly amazing cognac it has a complexity of flavours that would enhance many, much older spirits.

Aromas of cocoa, walnuts, dark toffee and truffle are followed by the rich and complex charecteristic flavours of the Hermitage style. These include dark toffee and cocoa which are followed by delicious bouts of clove, almond, damson and candied fruits.

Retailing at just under £130, this would make a magnificent present for the cognac lover in your life!

Montal 1962 Bas Armagnac

Montal 1962 Bas Armagnac

A one off addition to our Montal range has just arrived; the Montal 1962 Bas Armagnac. The grapes for this armagnac were harvested in 1962. What a wonderful year of birth, but then we are rather biased at Brandyclassics Headquarters! It is rare to find these old bottles of Montal Armagnac so this is another gem.  It comes from the top cru, is presented in a very attractive bottle and has fruity flavours with toffee and coffee on the tail.

So, what else happened in 1962?

It certainly found its place in history as the start of the Cuban Missile Crisis but many other events occurred also. In the US / Russian space race, John Glenn became the first American to orbit the Earth, aboard Friendship 7 and a UK / US team won the Nobel Prize for Medicine for their work in determining the structure of DNA. There were lots of firsts in the music world too; the Beatles signed their first contract and released their first single ‘Love Me Do’ and The Rolling Stones gave their first performance at the Marquee Club in London. The first James Bond film ‘Dr No’ premiered in London and on the golf course, Jack Nicholas won his first major after a play off with Arnold Palmer. It really was an exciting year to be born, and those who were, share their birth year with Tom Cruise.

If you are thinking of buying a vintage from 1962, take a look at our other offerings:

Castarede 1962 Bas Armagnac

Delord 1962 Bas Armagnac

Hermitage Cognacs Offer Excellent Value

cognacs offer excellent value

In the latest edition of ‘The Spirits Business’ we read that “Despite global inflation causing the price of spirits to rise, research shows that consumers are still more willing to purchase higher end products ….. Specifically Cognac, which remains the most expensive category of all spirits, is up by 132%”. Hermitage Cognacs has always been positioned at the very top end of the category but how does it compare to the competition? Many high end cognacs are sold in fancy presentations, often made from embellished crystal, and sold as rare, limited editions. But what about the liquid inside? The cognac may come from the top cru, Grande Champagne, but no information is given about the age of the cognac in the barrel or whether it comes from a particular vintage. One must conclude it is a blend of cognacs that are slightly different from previously released ones. Rarity always comes at a cost but prices in excess of £40,000 seem astounding.

Let’s make some comparisons with the Hermitage range. Our vintages come from 1 or 2 barrels of cognac that were distilled in a particular year and have never been blended. They can often be likened to the well known phrase used in whisky circles, ‘Single Cask’. Also, by definition, they are limited editions as once the vintage has been drunk it can never be replaced. For example, we sell a top cru vintage from 1923, where the grapes were harvested 100 years ago. It was left untouched and aged in a cellar for about 70 years before bottling at 43% abv. Although presented in a traditional cognac bottle, it is a huge contrast in quality and price. This Hermitage 1923 Grande Champagne Cognac retails for just under £2100.

If it is the quality of the presentation that attracts you, do take a look at our Hermitage Marie Louise Cognac. The cognac has been aged in oak barrels for 70 years and is sold by the litre, rather than 70cl. It is presented in crystal decanters produced by Cumbria Crystal, the last producer of completely hand-blown and hand-cut, full-lead luxury English crystal in the UK and retails at £2220. We have to conclude that Hermitage Cognacs offer excellent value in the premium cognac market.

Toutain Calvados – Apple Harvest Time

Toutain Calvados

October always denotes the start of the apple harvest which, for us, means Calvados.  A French brandy made from apples, Calvados can only be made in a specified area of Normandy.  One of our favourite suppliers, Toutain, have their orchards in the top cru, Pays d’Auge.  The ‘cidre’ they produce is then distilled on column stills to enhance the fruity flavours.  This year we have extended our range of Toutain Calvados to include:

Toutain Reserve 3 Year Old – Fresh with a strong palate, full of taste. A lingering flavour of cooked apples.

Toutain XO 8 Year Old – Smooth, a mix of apple and wood. It is fresh with minerals and a slightly peppery taste.

Toutain Hors d’Age 15 Year Old  – Well balanced with flavours of green apples, dried fruit and vanilla.

Toutain Vieille Reserve 30 Year Old – Intense and round with flavours of vanilla, wood and hints of fruit on the tail.

Toutain Cuveé Ancestrale 45 Year Old – Intense and elegant with a long finish, reminiscent of ‘Tarte Tatin’.

Toutain Reserve Odile 60 Year Old – Apples and candied fruits (apricots, orange & ginger) with a spicy finish.

Our Latest Montanaro Grappa Di Arneis

Montanaro Grappa

Our whole range of products from Montanaro, including grappas, vermouths and bitters, has been exceptionally well received by our customers. In fact, it was they that asked us to expand our offering of grappas to include the Montanaro Grappa Di Arneis. So, here it is! Marked by the floral and herbaceous fragrance, typical of the original vine of the Arneis grape, it is a wonderful Montanaro Grappa which explodes in the mouth with the very first sip and is so easy to drink.

Montanaro is one of the oldest distilleries in Langa established by Master of the Still, Francesco Trussoni in 1885. He established the first single vineyard Grappa using Nebbiolo grapes for Barolo. In 1922 Mario Montanaro, together with his wife Angela Trussoni and son Giuseppi, refined the product using the first alembic steam stills. At the end of 2000 Giuseppe Montanaro, aged almost eighty and without direct heirs, decided to sell the Montanaro Distillery to a group of “Albese “ businessmen. Today, Monatanaro is known worldwide as an excellent artisanal and prestigious distillery.