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Hermitage 1968 Petite Champagne Cognac

Just arrived - Hermitage 1968 Petite Champagne Cognac. The mid 1960s produced some excellent cognacs from this cru and the 1968 is no exception. This is a lighter style cognac, distilled 50 years ago, exhibiting many delicious, individual flavours.


XO Classification has changed

With effect from 1 April 2018 any cognac classified as an XO must have been aged for a minimum of 10 years. As an interim measure, those aged for 6, 7, 8 and 9 years and packaged by 31 March 2018 may be sold as an XO until 31 March 2019. Thereafter, all XOs must be aged for 10 years plus but of course without an age statement on the label, it will still be difficult to know what’s in the bottle.

New Year, New Cognac VintagesNew Year - New Vintages


We are really looking forward to 2018 as two more Hermitage celebration vintages are added to our stores. An exceptional Borderies 1958 cognac was the first to arrive and it has just been joined by a rare, Grande Champagne gem from 1938. Wonderful, single estate, vintage cognacs but particularly special for those with a 60th or 80th celebration this year.

The full range of Hermitage celebration vintages comprises:

1928, 1938, 1948, 1958, 1988, with 1968 arriving next month.

And if it’s armagnac you’re after, we have the following vintages in stock:

1918, 1928, 1938, 1948, 1958, 1968, 1978, 1988, & 1998

Vintage 60 year old Hermitage Marie Louise Grande Champagne CognacOne of our finest releases ever...


Our latest release, Hermitage Cognac Marie Louise, is a 60-Year-Old Grande Champagne from one of the region’s top artisan producers. This astonishing creation has been described as “lining one’s mouth with velvet”. At 43% abv it has all the complex aromas and flavours one would expect from such a well-aged cognac.

Presented in a one litre hand-blown and hand-cut, full-lead, luxury English crystal decanter from Cumbria Crystal, it is a precious and rare investment.

Cognac Marie Louise is available from Hedonism Wines, Corney and Barrow, Chelsea Vintners and our Brandyclassics website.

Customer ReviewsHermitage Cognac Custoemrs


“I had not experienced this particular brand until last week but now I am hooked, the taste and texture genuinely moved me ... stunning!!” 

 RP, Perth

“Order arrived yesterday, thank you very much for the speedy delivery, it's going to make a fab Valentine's day present.” 

 CB, Liverpool

...I shop at whose Hermitage 2005 remains a favourite.  This website is also your best bet to look for a bottle from a birthday year for a gift (I'm 1974!).” 

 Olly Smith, TV Presenter and Award Winning Wine Expert

Vintage Cognacs birthday presentsOur Vintage Brandies Range from 1900-2005
We Have Every Single Year from 1930-2000


We specialise in supplying vintage brandies for special occasions. Cognac, armagnac and calvados originate in France and we select only the very best. The range has been expanding since we started out more than a quarter of a century ago and now spans over a century.

Our stock includes a vintage for every single year from 1930 to 2000 – that’s 70 years of birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions which can be marked with something truly special.

Vintage brandies were harvested in the year they were labelled and then aged, untouched in casks for many years. Single estate, single cask and no additives – just pure brandy – the perfect way to celebrate.

Hermitage single estate cognacs

Bottles of award winning Hermitage vintage cognacs Hermitage Cognacs are a range of carefully selected single estate vintage cognacs designed for the most discerning of professionals and connoisseurs. Over the years our relationship with the scions of family firms who have produced the finest cognacs from the top regions in France has enabled Brandyclassics to choose and design award winning cognacs. Our long relationships with these old cognac professionals has enabled us to identify closely with our customers’ needs. Age statements and vintages are now recognised by discerning customers as satisfying their individual needs unlike the generic highly blended VS, VSOP and XO cognacs.

The extraordinary quality of Hermitage Pure Vintage Cognacs is matched only by their extraordinary value, a further advantage of working directly with the Masters of Cognac.

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The finest supplier of single estate vintage brandies in the world

Some of the many fine single estate cognacs for sale online at BrandyClassics For more than thirty years Brandyclassics have been associated with some of the oldest and finest cognac and brandy producers in the world. Our need for these superb spirits is only matched by our customers, who seek single estate brandies of extraordinary quality which have matured in old cellars for hundreds of years.

Our range of pure cognacs is the largest in the country and entirely free of the sugar syrup and caramel additives used by the big blenders. They satisfy the needs of many of the finest hotels and restaurants in the world, where vintage and individuality are synonymous with their success. Only when you experience our nectars from a past era will you recognise the quality of vintage and single estate from Brandyclassics.

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Armagnacs, the fruit of the Gascons

Some of the many fine armagnacs for sale online at BrandyClassics France’s oldest brandy, Armagnac has been produced for more than 700 years. Armagnacs are made from several grape varieties and distilled in the traditional Armagnaçais continuous single still. There are hundreds of small producers, who, unlike cognac, are not dominated by big houses. Vintages and age statements come much easier here and there are a wealth of producers each with fruity and delicious armagnacs.

Our pages are full of the very finest available such as the remarkable 5 year old from Cassagnoles, the wonderful vintages from Chateau de Bordeneuve, Castarede, Darbeau , Montal and our latest range from Clos des Saveurs who, like the famous Delord Armagnacs use the traditional Basquaise green bottle presentations. You’ll be spoilt for choice!

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A unique collection of Pre-phylloxera and Early Vintages


A collection of rare prephylloxera cognacs for sale online at BrandyClassics Brandyclassics are closely associated with many old chais and cellars throughout the Charente region and have access to some of the very oldest cognacs known to man. Our stock of really old cognacs is in huge demand and is regularly required in the most luxurious hotels in the world. We never buy or sell these great monarchs of bygone years blind. There are many tests of both provenance and quality which we conduct before selling them.

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