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Delord 2006 Bas Armagnac Arrives

As always at this time of year we bring to our shelves a vintage Delord 2006 Bas Armagnac that was harvested 18 years ago. It is the youngest vintage that we stock, and the perfect gift for those turning 18 this year.  Vintage spirits, such as cognac, armagnac and calvados, will always increase in value over time as only a limited number of bottles were ever produced. Once they have been drunk, there will be no more. The armagnac will not deteriorate once put into glass as the seal will keep it the same as the day it was bottled (although we do recommend resealing bottles every 20 years). The reducing supply, however, means that the value of vintage brandies is increasing all the time and being recognised as a shrewd investment.

Giving vintage armagnac as an 18th Birthday present gives the recipient choices. Either to keep, drink and enjoy or, keep as an investment for years down the line when 2006 armagnacs are far more difficult to obtain. So if you know someone who was born in the year that Italy won the FIFA World Cup and ‘Borat’ was released, this Delord 2006 Bas Armagnac could be the gift for them.