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World Whisky Day

As World Whisky Day approaches on May 18th, our focus turns to Mosgaard Distillery, nestled on the southeastern coastline of the Island of Funen. Founded in 2015 by Gitte and Jes Mosgaard, this distillery is a testament to craftsmanship, sustainability, and the pursuit of flavor.

World Whisky Day

Mosgaard prides itself on crafting exceptional organic whiskys, each a reflection of the pure surroundings and rich traditions of Danish distillation. From the organic Danish Barley Malt to the pure, mineral rich water drawn from beneath the distillery, every aspect of production is meticulously curated for quality and taste.

With a commitment to sustainability at its core, Mosgaard operates with CO2-neutral energy sources and a zero waste ethos, repurposing all remnants from primary production as animal feed. This dedication to environmental stewardship ensures that each sip of Mosgaard Organic Whisky is as pure and flavourful as can be.

Utilising small 50 liter casks, Mosgaard Organic Whisky matures rapidly while preserving its rich, intense, fruity notes.

To prepare for World Whisky Day, we’re highlighting the Mosgaard Organic Whisky range we have for sale on Brandyclassics:

🌟 Mosgaard Organic Oloroso Cask Whisky: A harmonious blend of rich, dark malty flavours and the subtle sweetness of Oloroso sherry.

🌟 Mosgaard Organic Pedro Ximenez Cask Whisky: Indulge in the decadent notes of Pedro Ximenez sherry, beautifully integrated with the smooth complexity of organic whisky. (Grab 15% off this Whisky in the month of May).

🌟 Mosgaard Organic Port Wine Cask Whisky: Experience a perfect balance of sweetness and depth, achieved through careful ageing in select port wine casks.

Cheers to World Whisky Day! 🥃🌎✨

New Mosgaard Whisky – Palo Cortado Cask

Palo CortadoWe have a new whisky on our shelves – Mosgaard Organic Single Malt Palo Cortado Cask Whisky has just been released.  It has been finished in casks built from American white oak, which had been medium toasted, and put into stock with Palo Cortado sherry for 1.5 years (Palo Cortado is a sherry with the nose of Amontillado and the body from Oloroso). Mosgaard Palo Cortado whisky is bottled at a strength of 53% which balances the spicy malt and green citrus notes – delicious.

Mosgaard distillery was established in 2015 by Gitte and Jes Mosgaard. The distillery is located at an old farm on the southeastern coastline of the Island of Funen – the “fruit orchard” of Denmark. All products from the distillery are organic – this ensures a clean and crisp taste. The production is with CO2-neutral energy sources and zero-waste where all the remains from the primary production are reused as animal food. The organic Danish Barley Malt gives a rich and dark malty taste.whilst being a cleaner and purer spirit. The Water below the distillery is pure, hard, and full of minerals and the old saying still applies: hard water makes soft whisky. The stills are handmade in Portugal by gifted craftsmen – one hammer stroke at a time and the casks are built from carefully selected oak. Primary production is in small 50 litre casks, so the whisky matures fast and keeps the rich, intense, fruity notes intact.

Christmas Stock and Delivery Times

ChristmasThis year we have expanded our online offering to include more spirits and liqueurs than ever before.  So, in addition to our award-winning cognacs, armagnacs and calvados, we now have organic whiskies and gins, liqueurs and grappas, eaux de vie and vermouths.  Do take a look at our website, we really do have Christmas gifts for everyone!

For Christmas deliveries to addresses in the UK please ensure your orders are with us by

12 noon on Wednesday 22nd December 2021

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Whisky Collectors Enticed By Luxury Cognac

whiskyThe Spirits Business has once again been looking at the astronomical prices of aged whisky compared to cognac and their research tells them that the Collectors market is looking further afield.  Jonny Fowle of Sotheby’s commented “… it does seem like there is room for vintage, aged spirits like Cognac to find favour with people who are maybe unhappy with the price of Scotch whisky.”

“Interest in Cognac is definitely growing,” says Isabel Graham-Yooll, auction director at Whisky.Auction. “In the secondary market and the auction market, people are becoming more educated.”

In the Ultra-Premium Segment, there is much innovation being carried out at the top end of the cognac market, says David Baker, managing director of Hermitage Cognacs.  He believes sprits produced by masters of their craft in creative ways can become some of the best examples available in the category.

“We’ve got an 1885 at the moment, and that is probably the finest Cognac I’ve ever tasted, it is just out of this world,” he says.  Read the full article here:

How luxury Cognac is attracting whisky collectors – The Spirits Business

The Bottle Story – Frapin 750 How Much?

FrapinFrapin has just released a limited edition run of this unique presentation to celebrate 750 years since the family’s oldest member was born in Cognac in 1270.  We do applaud these small family firms who have passed on their skills from generation to generation and not taken the easy route of selling to the ‘big four’.  The Frapin 750 contains some very old Grande Champagne eau de vie, albeit blended, and is presented in a Baccarat crystal carafe decorated with Belle Epoch-like grapevine etchings.  Just 21 of these presentations have been produced – to represent the 21 generations of the Frapin family – now that really is history in a bottle.  It oozes quality and style but so does the price tag.  One of these will set you back an astounding £43,956.  That’s equivalent to 25 of our Hermitage Marie Louise Cognacs in crystal decanters!

Hefty price tags like this are, however, quite common-place in the world of whisky.  Two recent releases demonstrate that, even without 750 years of family firm history, large sums of money can be charged.  Glengoyne and Glenfarcas have just released limited-edition whiskies, in engraved crystal decanters and luxury presentation boxes.  The Glengoyne 50 yo single malt costs £22,500 and the Glenfarcas 60 yo single cask, £19,500.  Compare these prices to equivalent cognacs (Hermitage 50 yo @ £400 and Hermitage 60 yo @ £530) and it is difficult to see where they come from.  Market forces must play their part but demand for old cognacs is on the rise so perhaps soon, their prices will too.

Single Cask Cognac – Whyever Not?

single caskSingle Cask is a term well known in the whisky industry, it certainly gives a product increased status and price but why is that?  The phrase Single Cask suggests a unique glimpse into a particular set of circumstances that has given rise to a one-off personality. The whisky may be from a certain year where the distillery was using a particular mashing regime, yeast strain or set of stills. It may have been stored in a warehouse that is known to provide certain conditions. The barrel itself is unique as no two trees are identical and coopers’ techniques differ, so the flavours that develop will be only found in that cask. Every distillery has its official range of bottlings which are created to please as many people as possible, but a Single Cask captures the stage before the identity is lost in the blend.  For distillery fans, this takes their experience a step further.  Rarity imparts value and so a Single Cask will be highly sought after.

Many of these special characteristics can also be found in cognac production.  Every year the very best cognacs are selected for long-term ageing, rather than joining the thousands of others destined to be blended.  The cellarmasters’ skills are paramount in bringing these chosen nectars to optimum maturity and many variations to the ageing process maybe employed.  So why are these cognac vintages or age statements not designated as Single Cask?  Perhaps the answer lies in the finer detail.

Amazingly, an industry-wide definition of Single Cask does not exist, but The Scottish Whisky Association (SWA) is clear on the rules that it enforces.  They feel that to be classed as Single Cask, the spirit must remain in the same barrel from the moment the spirit is filled until the moment it is bottled, without any revatting or finishing.  Therefore “a sherry finished single cask whisky” is not acceptable but a “single cask whisky finished in a sherry butt” is.  It is accepted however, that all whiskies will move from one barrel to another in the early stages of maturation, it is what happens next that is important.

The process of moving from new to old wood in the initial stage also applies to cognac so, when a vintage is kept in the same old oak barrel throughout its maturation, it will be Single Cask.  A problem arises though when there are multiple barrels of the same vintage which may be mixed for bottling.  Unlike in the whisky industry, barrel numbering is not common.  Cognacs can also be moved to different barrels during the ageing process.  The cellarmaster seeks to guide the spirit’s maturation path by using newer and older oak barrels at different stages.  This can really benefit the final quality and flavour of the cognac so is deemed to be more important than any benefits derived from being Single Cask.  The rules of cognac production are strict; it may not be put into barrels that have held other types of spirit, but it may be put into previously used cognac barrels.  The BNIC’s definition of Single Cask is a cognac that has always been stored in the same barrel so, the phrase could indeed be used to describe a particular barrel of cognac, but not as often as you might expect.

Calvados & Whisky – An Unusual Blend

Calvados & WhiskyScottish whisky blender, Compass Box, has released a new spirit drink comprising calvados & whisky.  The calvados, from the Christian Drouin distillery, has been blended with whiskies aged in French oak casks and Sherry butts. Compass Box’s founder said “We have been blending calvados and Scotch whisky at home for years, enchanted by their complementary qualities.  Although one of the world’s greatest spirits, calvados is also one of the most underappreciated”.  The result is said to possess ‘layers of apple character married beautifully with malty, vanilla and spice-like notes’.  Compass Box is not the only firm to recognise the success of this flavour combination, though.  Sweden’s Mackmyra distillery has just released a single malt whisky, finished in ex-calvados casks.  Perhaps such ideas will help calvados get the appreciation it so deserves?