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World Whisky Day

As World Whisky Day approaches on May 18th, our focus turns to Mosgaard Distillery, nestled on the southeastern coastline of the Island of Funen. Founded in 2015 by Gitte and Jes Mosgaard, this distillery is a testament to craftsmanship, sustainability, and the pursuit of flavor.

World Whisky Day

Mosgaard prides itself on crafting exceptional organic whiskys, each a reflection of the pure surroundings and rich traditions of Danish distillation. From the organic Danish Barley Malt to the pure, mineral rich water drawn from beneath the distillery, every aspect of production is meticulously curated for quality and taste.

With a commitment to sustainability at its core, Mosgaard operates with CO2-neutral energy sources and a zero waste ethos, repurposing all remnants from primary production as animal feed. This dedication to environmental stewardship ensures that each sip of Mosgaard Organic Whisky is as pure and flavourful as can be.

Utilising small 50 liter casks, Mosgaard Organic Whisky matures rapidly while preserving its rich, intense, fruity notes.

To prepare for World Whisky Day, we’re highlighting the Mosgaard Organic Whisky range we have for sale on Brandyclassics:

🌟 Mosgaard Organic Oloroso Cask Whisky: A harmonious blend of rich, dark malty flavours and the subtle sweetness of Oloroso sherry.

🌟 Mosgaard Organic Pedro Ximenez Cask Whisky: Indulge in the decadent notes of Pedro Ximenez sherry, beautifully integrated with the smooth complexity of organic whisky. (Grab 15% off this Whisky in the month of May).

🌟 Mosgaard Organic Port Wine Cask Whisky: Experience a perfect balance of sweetness and depth, achieved through careful ageing in select port wine casks.

Cheers to World Whisky Day! 🥃🌎✨