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HNY We’re Bringing You Cheer With Our Bin Ends Sale

Bin Ends Sale

Our office reopened on the 2nd of January and as we move into another year in the twenty first century (can you believe it’s nearly 25 years since the start of the new millennium!?) we thought we would bring you some January cheer with our Bin Ends Sale.

Lots of fabulous products at half price, the alcohol is all in perfect condition but some have damaged labels, tops or bottles and others are just end of line.

The Sale is listed on the Home page, grab a bargain whilst you can as there are only limited stocks available.

And talking of bargains, out latest Hermitage Vintage 2004 Cognac is our Introductory offer this month.  Perfect if you are looking for 20th birthday or anniversary gifts in 2024.

National Calvados Week and Liqueur Day

calvados weekCalvados is a brandy made from apples and produced exclusively in Normandy.  Its history dates back to 1553, when the drink was known as cidre eau-de-vie.  The name calvados was introduced in the late 1700s, when France was divided into departments, and it is now known as one of the Three Noble French Eaux de Vie (cognac and armagnac being the other two).  National Calvados Week is now in its tenth year and will run, alongside the annual apple harvest, from 10 – 16 October in bars and retailers throughout the UK.  World Calvados Day will follow on shortly afterwards, on the 20th October, which falls on the eve of National Apple Day.  If calvados is new to you, now is the time to try it.  We have recently taken on a new supplier, Toutain, whose calvados are some of the finest we have ever tasted.  Rich in fruity, appley flavours they evoke perfect seasonal aromas of autumn in the North of France.


Also on the 16th of October we will be celebrating National Liqueur Day.  A liqueur is a distilled spirit-based drink that is further blended with natural sweet flavours (such as sugar or corn syrup along with fruits, nuts, creams, plats, purees, spices, etc).   Although the base spirit will have been aged, the liqueur is not; it just undergoes a brief resting stage for the flavours to blend.  Liqueurs generally have an abv of 15 – 30% and are great for cocktails.  You can also have them straight, mixed with other drinks or desserts, or simply poured over ice.  Check out our range, including Nusbaumerhere.



Christmas Stock and Delivery Times

ChristmasThis year we have expanded our online offering to include more spirits and liqueurs than ever before.  So, in addition to our award-winning cognacs, armagnacs and calvados, we now have organic whiskies and gins, liqueurs and grappas, eaux de vie and vermouths.  Do take a look at our website, we really do have Christmas gifts for everyone!

For Christmas deliveries to addresses in the UK please ensure your orders are with us by

12 noon on Wednesday 22nd December 2021

Generally, UK orders placed before 12 noon will be delivered the following working day but please be aware that although we are able to process orders within 1 working day, Parcelforce are not always able to meet their normal delivery times at present.   Our deliveries to America are also taking longer than usual due to a shortage of flights so all orders to the rest of the world should be placed as soon as possible please.

New Eaux de Vie, Grappas and Liqueurs

grappasWe have expanded our range of Eaux de Vie, Grappas and Liqueurs just in time for the summer cocktail season.

From Nusbaumer our new stock includes:

An award-winning Poire William, with a fragrant, delicate pear flavour.

Marc d’Alsace Gewurtztramier, a grape brandy resembling Italian Grappa.

Peche de Vignes, made from vine peaches and ideal for making Bellinis.

And from Jacopi Poli we have some new Grappa and Grape Brandy presentations – Amarosa Di Settembre Vespiaolo and Chiara di Moscato

Camus Ile de Ré Fine Island

Ile de Ré Fine IslandIn an attempt to break into the Australian market Camus has released a new and unusual cognac named Ile de Ré Fine Island. Made on the island of Ré, a well known tourist destination and located at the most westerly tip of the cognac region, it is one of only a few cognacs produced in the Bois Ordinaire cru. Most of the ‘eau de vie’ produced in this area is used for making liqueurs with macerated fruits. Experts claim that typically, the cognacs retain the salt and seaweed influence of their viticulture and this, Camus hope, willl be their point of difference as they have set out to target whisky drinkers, particularly those favouring single malts.