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HNY We’re Bringing You Cheer With Our Bin Ends Sale

Bin Ends Sale

Our office reopened on the 2nd of January and as we move into another year in the twenty first century (can you believe it’s nearly 25 years since the start of the new millennium!?) we thought we would bring you some January cheer with our Bin Ends Sale.

Lots of fabulous products at half price, the alcohol is all in perfect condition but some have damaged labels, tops or bottles and others are just end of line.

The Sale is listed on the Home page, grab a bargain whilst you can as there are only limited stocks available.

And talking of bargains, out latest Hermitage Vintage 2004 Cognac is our Introductory offer this month.  Perfect if you are looking for 20th birthday or anniversary gifts in 2024.

The Montanaro Range On Our Shelves

MontanaroMontanaro is one of the oldest distilleries in Langa established by Master of the Still, Francesco Trussoni in 1885.  He established the first single vineyard Grappa using Nebbiolo grapes for Barolo.  In 1922 Mario Montanaro, together with his wife Angela Trussoni and son Giuseppi, refined the product using the first alembic steam stills.  At the end of 2000 Giuseppe, aged almost eighty and without direct heirs, decided to sell Montanaro Distillery to a group of “Albese “ businessmen. Today Monatanaro, known worldwide as an excellent artisanal and prestigious distillery, does not only produce grappa but vermouth, aperitivo and bitters too.  Take a look at these wonderful products we are now stocking and if you fancy trying something new, visit the home page to see this month’s offers:

Barolo Cannubi: Soft and velvety grappa aged for 4 -5 years

Barolo Chinata: Delicious aromatised wine

Bitter:  Makes the perfect Negroni with vermouth and gin.



World Aperitivo Day – Thursday 26th May 2022

World Aperitivo DayThe first World Aperitivo Day will be rolled out on a global basis on 26 May 2022, but what exactly is an aperitivo?

The Italian tradition of Aperitivo dates back over 2000 years, and is a ritual observed across the Peninsula.  Italians know how to relax as the sun goes down and get ready for dinner with friends or family – they sip an aperitivo.  The word comes from the Latin aperire “to open” meaning, in this case, to open the appetite for the meal to come.  It’s a pre-dinner drink, usually low in alcohol and accompanied by small snacks such as olives or nuts.  Federico Gordini, who is rolling out World Aperitivo Day in Milan, says “The Aperitivo is an identifying part of the Italian lifestyle, a ‘way of living’ we are proud to share with the international community.”

Most aperitivo drinks are a special combination of fortified white wine and various herbs and spices which claim to stimulated the appetite.  It is said that claimed that “It’s only Aperitivo if at least 50% of it is made in Italy”.  All are fantastic mixed with soda, or in a slightly sweeter Spritz with sparkling wine or prosecco.

We have a wonderful Montenarro Aperitivo 6pm from Italy for you to try and Thursday is the perfect opportunity.


Introducing Montanaro Grappas & Vermouths

Montanaro Distillery is one of the finest producers of distillates in the world.  Its Italian founder, alembic master Francesco Trussoni, created Grappa di Barolo, the first single grape Grappa in history.  Since their inception in 1885, Montanaro have concentrated on working with the best wine makers in Piedmont, with a focus on Barolo. They produce grappas with outstanding varietal characteristics as well as a range of exceptional vermouths and apertivos. The Barbera is unaged, the Moscato and Barolo have spent some time in cask, the Barolo Cannubi is extensively cask aged.

grappas & vermouths

Grappa Di Moscato is made from pure Moscato grape marcs with a bold and intense aroma. Aged in oak for up to 2 years, the pale straw coloured liquid combines smoothness and aromaticity on the palate with a long finish.

Grappa Barolo Cannubi is distilled from grape marcs of Nebbiolo da Barolo from the famous Cannubi cru.  It has an unmistakable intensity on the nose and cleanliness and elegance in the mouth.  Aged in Slavonian oak barrels for 4-5 years, it has a golden yellow colour typical of wood-aged distillates.

grappas & vermouths

Vermouth Rosso  Created from the original Montanaro recipe that adds fine Marsala to the base wine to give a distinct flavour, aroma and amber-brown colour. The use of a natural caramel colourant, (instead of synthetic caramel) gives Red vermouth it’s distinct, rich appearance. Its unique flavours makes this an irresistible drink; it is a palate cleanser and is perfect in mixology. The natural caramel adds a note of sweetness and makes it velvety and round on the palate.

Apertivo 6pm A secret recipe created by Montanaro based on plant extracts such as red apple, radish, cherry, sweet potato and carrots to guarantee a natural colour. The delightful aroma and unique flavour result from the use of citrus and herb essence. It is a light and refreshing aperitif which can also be drunk on the rocks, as a spritzer, with orange juice or mixed with prosecco. And, as the name suggests, it is the ideal way to relax after work at 6pm!

Explore our full list of Montanaro products on the website.