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World Aperitivo Day – Thursday 26th May 2022

World Aperitivo DayThe first World Aperitivo Day will be rolled out on a global basis on 26 May 2022, but what exactly is an aperitivo?

The Italian tradition of Aperitivo dates back over 2000 years, and is a ritual observed across the Peninsula.  Italians know how to relax as the sun goes down and get ready for dinner with friends or family – they sip an aperitivo.  The word comes from the Latin aperire “to open” meaning, in this case, to open the appetite for the meal to come.  It’s a pre-dinner drink, usually low in alcohol and accompanied by small snacks such as olives or nuts.  Federico Gordini, who is rolling out World Aperitivo Day in Milan, says “The Aperitivo is an identifying part of the Italian lifestyle, a ‘way of living’ we are proud to share with the international community.”

Most aperitivo drinks are a special combination of fortified white wine and various herbs and spices which claim to stimulated the appetite.  It is said that claimed that “It’s only Aperitivo if at least 50% of it is made in Italy”.  All are fantastic mixed with soda, or in a slightly sweeter Spritz with sparkling wine or prosecco.

We have a wonderful Montenarro Aperitivo 6pm from Italy for you to try and Thursday is the perfect opportunity.