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Celebrate National Cognac Day with Hermitage Cognac

National Cognac Day, celebrated annually on June 4th, offers an excellent opportunity to delve into the rich history and exquisite craftsmanship of this renowned French spirit. Cognac, a type of brandy that hails from the Cognac region of France, boasts a storied past and a meticulous production process that ensures its premium quality.

History of National Cognac Day

Cognac’s origins trace back to the 16th century when Dutch settlers arrived in the Cognac region to purchase wood, wine, and salt. They faced a preservation challenge when exporting wine back home, prompting them to distil the wine with eau de vie. They discovered that double distillation produced a finer, tastier product, leading to the birth of brandy.

While brandy is produced globally, only brandy from the six designated areas in the Cognac region of France can be called cognac. These regions span Charente-Maritime and Charente in Western France. The Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac (BNIC) regulates the stringent laws and measures for a brandy to be labelled as cognac. Only specific grape varieties, primarily Ugni Blanc, can be used. The wine must be distilled in an ‘alambic charentais‘, a copper pot still, and then aged in French oak barrels. Longer ageing periods enhance the complexity and aroma of the cognac.

Hermitage Cognac Selections for National Cognac Day

To celebrate National Cognac Day, we recommend four exceptional Hermitage Cognac selections, each with its unique aroma, flavour profile, and characteristics.

  1. Hermitage 10 Year Old Grande Champagne Cognac
    • Aroma: Rich and fruity with notes of dried apricots, vanilla, and a hint of oak.
    • Flavour Profile: Smooth with a well-balanced mix of fruit, vanilla, and a touch of spice. Perfect for a Cognac Old Fashioned.
    • ABV: 43%
  2. Hermitage 20 Year Old Grande Champagne Cognac
    • Aroma: Intense and complex, featuring dried fruits, figs, and subtle floral notes.
    • Flavour Profile: Full bodied with layers of dried fruit, honey, and a long, rich finish.
    • ABV: 42%
  3. Hermitage Cognac Cacao 25
    • Aroma: Luxurious notes of dark chocolate, coffee, and roasted nuts.
    • Flavour Profile: Decadent with a harmonious blend of mocha, cocoa, and a touch of spice, creating a unique and indulgent experience.
    • ABV: 44%
  4. Hermitage 1960 Grande Champagne Cognac
    • Aroma: Exquisite with a bouquet of old leather, tobacco, and hints of dried fruits.
    • Flavour Profile: Exceptionally smooth with deep flavours of prune, walnut, and a lingering finish of spice and oak.
    • ABV: 40%

1882 Cognac Bonbonne Sells for £90,000

1882 cognacDelighted to have sold our latest bonbonne of 1882 cognac to Hedonism Wines in Mayfair and, with an asking price of £90k, it was snapped up by one of their customers within 24 hours.  Presented in a traditional wicker basket, the bonbonne contains 10 litres of Hermitage 1882 Grande Champagne Cognac.

The cognac would have been made in 300-litre stills and, although small, these were probably the only size that most producers could afford at the time.  It would have been aged in bariques of around 250 litres, for more than 70 years.  No reduction has taken place and so it is presented at its natural strength of 41% abv.  The tannins from the wood have given this cognac deep and rich flavours of demerara sugar, plums and sweet orange peel with a delicious long rancio, the much favoured richness, so highly desirable in these fine old cognacs.


Distilled in the late nineteenth century, 1882, this was the year when the first stone was laid for Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia basilica in Barcelona and major European powers signed the first Geneva Convention, ratified by the US, who also legitimised the International Red Cross.

Father's Day 2023 – Sunday 18th June

Father's Day 2023It’s that time of year again when fathers everywhere bask in the limelight for one special day.  Father’s Day 2023 falls on Sunday 18th June so what will you be buying to say “thank you” to that very important member of your family?


If Dad’s a brandy drinker we have a huge selection of vintage cognacarmagnac and calvados.  All aged to perfection in French Oak barrels they are mellow and flavoursome.  We specialise in single estate, unblended cognacs made by Hermitage so take a look around, starting below with our Offers, you will find many luxurious bottlings with individual flavours.


And if brandy is not his favourite, what about our organic whisky range from Denmark?  This award-winning producer uses local water which is pure, hard, and full of minerals and as the old saying goes ‘hard water makes soft whisky’.

Larsen Cognac Challenges The Stereotype

Larsen CognacA recent article in Trend Hunter explains how Larsen Cognac is challenging the traditional image of cognac with its new campaign. Cognac has traditionally been viewed as a niche product associated with older, affluent individuals. However, in recent years, cognac brands have worked hard to appeal to younger audiences by introducing innovative packaging and partnerships with popular culture and fashion icons.  Their aim is to break down the perception that cognac is only for the elite and make it more accessible to a wider range of consumers.

Larsen Cognac is now following that trend by creating a campaign to reinvigorate their brand.  Their new ‘Discover’ concept, has been designed to ‘challenge the idea of who cognac is for and how it can be consumed’. Mika Raukko, representing Larsen Cognac, said “The world is changing and so are the consumers.  They expect brands to be more inclusive, diverse and authentic.  The ‘Discover’ concept stems from the insight that making a new discovery in life makes us grow.  And in order to make new discoveries you need to view the world with fresh eyes and be open to changing perspectives.”

There is no doubt that this resonates well with how people today are seeking new experiences that enrich their lives.  And of course, all cognac brands will benefit from added exposure to a wider, younger audience as cognac becomes more mainstream.  Not all cognac brands are the same so we must applaud Larsen’s call to be adventurous and try new offerings.  We certainly class Hermitage as different from the rest!

State Funeral of Her Majesty The Queen

The Queen~


We are deeply saddened by the recent death of Her Majesty The Queen and send our condolences to the Royal family.

On Monday 19th September 2022 our offices will be closed so that we can join the nation in paying our respects to the late Queen Elizabeth II.

We will be raising a toast to thank her for 70 years of dedicated service to this nation and the wider Commonwealth.

May she rest in peace.



Cognacs With Age Statements

Age StatementsCognac house Maison Bache Gabrielsen has released a new series of cognacs with age statements called Years in Cask.  Good to see them following in our footsteps!  These cognacs are also vintages so by definition they must be single estate and cannot be blended.  Once vintage cognacs have reached their optimum maturity they are transferred to glass bonbonnes where they will mature no further.

Bache Gabrielsen have released 4 new cognacs aged from 19 to 37 years.  The younger two come from Grande Champagne, the top cru, where cognacs take the longest to mature whilst the older two come from Fin Bois, a lesser known cru.  Their prices range from £163 to £344 for a 70cl bottle with abvs being between 40 and 47 percent.  It is great to see another cognac house heralding the benefits of age statement and vintage cognac but before you part with your hard earned cash to try them out, take a look at the quality and price of the following, produced by Hermitage:

Club Oenologique Supports Hermitage

OenologiqueThe Winter 2021 Club Oenologique Magazine is, we are delighted to say, rather cognac heavy.  Richard Woodward begins with an in depth article entitled ‘Cognac’s Hidden Houses’.  “We all know the big cognac names, if only from our favourite hip-hop tracks.  But, a smattering of smaller boutique producers are quietly making their voices heard – and are well worth seeking out” he says.  Referring to the big brands, Laurent Vallet of Chateau Montifaud says “It would be boring for consumers to only find 5 or 6 types of cognac”.  That sums up the vision here at Hermitage – to sell unique cognacs with individual flavours.

Joel Harrison can also be found writing about ‘King Cognac’ – “Given the weight of history that Cognac carries, the result is arguably the most dynamic and exciting category in spirits” he comments.  Featuring the recent IWSC winners, Hermitage 50 Year Old that won The Cognac Trophy gets a special mention.  It scored 99 point out of 100 (there is a typo in the magazine) which is just about the best third party approbation we could get!

And to follow this up, the online magazine features another article by Joel about the joys of independently bottled spirits.  “….. There are few places left bottling any liquid from vintages such as 1880, 1885, 1890 and 1893 (to name but a few), and they are a real taste of history. As for the prices: well, all you need to know is that you could pick up two bottles of Hermitage’s excellent 1917 Grande Champagne Cognac for the price of one bottle of Louis XIII.”  You can read the full article here.

Valentine’s is Just Around the Corner ……

Valentine'sRoses are red,

Violets are blue,

Surely one of these gifts,

Should be given by you ……..


This month’s offers include something for everyone.  We have a wonderful vintage, premier cru cognac from Hermitage.  The 1988 Grande Champagne has flavours of roasted walnuts, spice and toffee.  From armagnac we have a vintage Delord 1990 which has a handwritten label and wax seals to make it a very special gift.  And for the gin lover, a very special, organic, tangerine gin all the way from Mosgaard in Denmark.  Go on, spoil each other!

Whisky Collectors Enticed By Luxury Cognac

whiskyThe Spirits Business has once again been looking at the astronomical prices of aged whisky compared to cognac and their research tells them that the Collectors market is looking further afield.  Jonny Fowle of Sotheby’s commented “… it does seem like there is room for vintage, aged spirits like Cognac to find favour with people who are maybe unhappy with the price of Scotch whisky.”

“Interest in Cognac is definitely growing,” says Isabel Graham-Yooll, auction director at Whisky.Auction. “In the secondary market and the auction market, people are becoming more educated.”

In the Ultra-Premium Segment, there is much innovation being carried out at the top end of the cognac market, says David Baker, managing director of Hermitage Cognacs.  He believes sprits produced by masters of their craft in creative ways can become some of the best examples available in the category.

“We’ve got an 1885 at the moment, and that is probably the finest Cognac I’ve ever tasted, it is just out of this world,” he says.  Read the full article here:

How luxury Cognac is attracting whisky collectors – The Spirits Business

Hermitage 50 Year Old Wins The Cognac Trophy 2021

Cognac Trophy 2021Following our unprecedented tally of medals at the International Wines and Spirits Competition (IWSC) 2021 we are delighted to announce that the Hermitage 50 Year Old Grande Champagne Cognac has also been awarded the overall Cognac Trophy 2021.  it was the best cognac in the competition with a Gold Outstanding Award and a combined judges’ score of 99 points out of 100.

Our MD, who is one of the UK’s leading authorities on the subject, spoke as results were announced.

“We work tirelessly to find the very best that the region has to offer, from family growers who have these precious cognacs stashed away. Being awarded results like these is a welcome vindication of our standards and the outstanding quality which is available if you know where to look.”

Panel Chairman at the IWSC Joel Harrison praised the levels of quality in this round of judging.

“Given the history and heritage in Cognac, as well as the undoubted consistency of the major houses, it is a real joy through the IWSC judging to discover unique and individual bottlings such as these, packed with personality and flavour, that often defy their age. In a category with such high standards, it must be recognised how much of an achievement attaining medals and accolades of this standard is.”

The judges described our 50 Year Old (Grande Champagne) thus:

“Like opening an old leather-bound book or antique oak armoire. Figgy pudding and rich dark chocolate; wonderful rich spices and the bitterness of orange zest come through on the palate. Spicy but gentle and supremely dry.”

It is a magnificent cognac that will also make a wonderfully special 50th birthday or anniversary gift.