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  • Mother's Day 2020 - Sunday 22nd March

    Mother's Day 2020Wondering what to buy for Mother's Day 2020?  We have a unique selection of brandies and dessert wines to suit every Mum ….

    Dupont Dream Calvados Cream with a deliciously clean apple flavour.  If she likes cream liqueurs she will love this!

    Grappa Torcolato is a beautiful looking addition to any drink’s cabinet.  Perfect as an after dinner ‘digestive’ or add to expresso coffee to create a 'caffè corretto'.

    Chateau de Beaulon 2000 Pineau des Charentes was created 20 years ago. Delicious and rich it’s perfect on its own or as a dessert wine.

    La Grande Josiane, orange armagnac liqueur, serve as an aperitif over ice or mix with sparkling wine for an extra special treat.

  • Enjoying Pineau des Charentes This Summer

    Pineau des CharentesPineau des Charentes is a combination of freshly pressed grape juice and cognac. It comes in two colours, white and red (sometimes known as rosé) and as with cognac, the flavour is affected by its age.  Young Pineau is fruity and light whilst older Pineau offers more complex and concentrated flavours with distinctive fresh fruit tones morphing into dried fruit and nuts.  Produced exclusively in France's Cognac region, it has been protected under AOC status since 1945.  As a result, this spirited wine benefits from the long-standing expertise and historical know-how of Cognac cellar-masters.  It is unique with its aromatic palette and versatility.  Wine drinkers are seduced by white Pineau’s balanced profile, while others prefer the generosity of red. Both are food-friendly and pair perfectly with savoury dishes such as fish, white meats or seafood.  Pineau’s lightness and alcohol content of 17%, also make it suitable as a digestive or aperitif.  While some relish old reds that pair beautifully with chocolate, light cheese, and coffee, others fall for aged whites as great partners of blue cheeses. Alternatively, when summer has arrived, it can be enjoyed at any time as a long, refreshing cocktail such as Pineau Royale or Pinojito.

  • Pineau Royale

    Widely used as an introduction drink at parties and more formal celebrations, Pineau Royale is also a delight on a hot sunny day.

    To Make:

    Take half a bottle of Pineau and half a bottle of sparkling mineral water, mix in a jug with the juice of 3 lemons and about 50cl of Hermitage Provenance 10 Grande Champagne cognac, add lots of ice and stir.

    Serve with slices of lemon in a highball glass.

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