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The Bottle Story – C by Courvoisier

Courvoisier have just announced a new product, called C by Courvoisier. It’s a cognac and they even call it a revolutionary cognac. “C” is supposed to open a new way of consuming cognac – a new approach to the category.

It’s produced in small batches, double barrel aged. OK up to here, do Courvoisier really believe we think it is single barrel aged? All cognac is double barrel aged, firstly in new barrels for 6-12 months, then in old barrels, hopefully for many years. But regrettably not for Courvoisier C, launched in the traditional black Josephine bottles. It is said that the blend comes from fifty growers, all in the Fins Bois which is the forth cru of Cognac and geographically the largest. Most cognacs from this region do tend to age faster than those from the Champagnes, they will often provide a dry nutty flavour but Courvoisier claim that it has a clove, toast, carnation and orange peel aroma with a fruity and floral flavour.It is ideal as a drink on a night out with the boys. And the “C”? Well, that is supposed to open a new way of consuming cognac, a new approach – “we drink it cold”. Hmmm, interesting, pass the sugar!