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Michelle Brachet - The World of Cognac

The World of CognacFor decades we have referred to Nicholas Faith’s book ‘Cognac’ for bits and pieces of information - his books have become the standard in the industry.  They are regarded by most professionals as invaluable guides to cognac, it’s history and the thousands of producers in the Charente region of France where the King of Spirits is made.  The world of cognac is evolving faster now than ever before. Increased sales volumes have created the need for bigger harvest yields and the means of making different cognacs. It therefore comes as no surprise that a new book on the subject has been provided by Michelle Brachet.  ‘The World of Cognac’ is hugely informative and enjoyable to read with points of historical interest as well as individual stories of some of the better-known names in the industry. It also looks at some of the industry changes that have created the modern cognac which we enjoy today.   Wonderfully illustrated, it includes pictures of key parts of cognac’s progress through the ages.  ‘The World of Cognac’ could well become the natural successor to Nick Faith’s all encompassing ‘Cognac’. Well done Michelle!