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More Support for Using Tulip Glasses

cognac glassesFor decades we have been advocating the use of tulip glasses for drinking cognac.  DB has written much on the subject including one of his monthly Technical Topics.  Now it seems other professionals in the industry are speaking out.  Well respected cognac producer, Frapin, have called for a ban on brandy balloons.  The giant glass does nothing for the spirit.  Export Director Bertrand Verduzier said “Tulip glasses are the best way to experience cognac as you get more aromas coming through and with balloons you just get alcohol”.  Michelle Brachet, cognac expert and educator, agrees suggesting the introduction of a ‘smash the snifter’ campaign.  Frapin’s call to use glasses which help recognise individual flavours in cognac may have been influenced by their relatively recent move into cognacs with age statements.  “Our vintage cognacs are a point of difference that show what we’re all about - they are very alive and different to one another” Piveteau said.  Good to see others promoting the recognition of individual cognac flavours - our 45 Year Old is a classic example.