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The Norlan Glass

Norlan glassThe Norlan Glass is a transparent double walled vessel which creates a hollow body glass with a dramatically different inside shape to outside shape.  The idea is to have a tumbler form, with an improved nosing glass performance.  Certainly, the interior tulip shape is what we advocate for tasting as it allows the cognac to be rolled around the bowl releasing aromas which are then concentrated at the top of the glass.  More than 50% of the enjoyment of any brandy is in the aroma which subconsciously enhances the taste.  Norlan suggest that the double-walled construction also improves the intensity of colour and allows one to inhale and drink the spirit without tilting one’s head back too deeply, which can cut off eye contact.  It is a modern design and no doubt some prefer a bowl over a stemmed glass.  The Norlan glass has built up a large following, however, it is not revered by all. The thickness of the rim is not to everyone’s taste and it’s unusual to hold; presumably because what you see is not what you feel. Other complaints are that it is too lightweight and fragile. All things to consider before parting with £48 for a set of 2