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60th Anniversary Gifts

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This landmark anniversary is often referred to as the Diamond Anniversary. It is certainly a time to celebrate with friends, family, work colleagues or team mates so finding the perfect, unique 60th anniversary gift will ensure the occasion is remembered for years to come. Whether buying for a brandy connoisseur or just an appreciator of fine, artisan products our vintage cognacs, armagnacs and calvados will always be winners. All those listed below have either been aged in oak casks for 60 years or were distilled in 1960. The best cognacs come from the top cru, Grande Champagne. In this cru the cognacs take the longest time to mature so 60 years of ageing produces very fine, smooth cognacs with a rich ‘rancio’ – an effect highly sought after by connoisseurs. The very best armagnacs from the Bas cru and finest calvados from the Pays d’Auge appellation also benefit from the extra years of ageing and are a world apart from those generic blends found on supermarket shelves. These rare, expertly produced amber nectars are a real treat which can be enjoyed over time. Stored correctly they can last in perfect condition for years ensuring the 60th anniversary memories go on and on. A lot has happened in the last 60 years – 1960 was the year that John F Kennedy became President of the USA. A new dance craze ‘The Twist’ was started by Chubby Chequer and the classis American novel ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ was published. TV premieres included Coronation Street and The Flintstones whilst at the cinema ‘The Magnificent Seven’ and ‘Psycho’ were seen for the first time. Notable inventions included the ‘Laser’ and the ‘Heart Pacemaker’. Life has changed beyond all recognition since then, thanks to advances in technology. Brandy production may now benefit from electronic bottling plants and grape picking machines but the traditional ageing process over decades has remained the same.