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Montal 1959 Bas Armagnac

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Bottled soon after the turn of the 21st century, this 1959 vintage was aged for 45 years in oak barrels. The fruitiness seems to get richer every year with these fine old armagnacs and there is excellent depth of flavour.

Did you know?  In 1959, Etch-A-Sketch was introduced in the US for $2.99.

Bas Armagnac
Volume (cl):
70 cl
Vintage / Age:
% Alcohol:
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Additional Information

A wonderful predominace of ripe victoria plums and nutty aromas, which is consistent throughout their range of vintages and which gets richer as they age.
On a very light lees
Intense richness with great balance and depth. A delightful victoria plum and prune taste with a nutty middle mouth. Fruitiness prevails to the end which is quite long but some toffee and coffee flavours also show at the end. Superb balance and depth of flavour.
Grape Variety:
Mainly Ugni Blanc and Baco
Reduction & Strength:
Most Montal armagnacs are sold at 40% abv so a level of reduction may be necessary depending on age.
The climate is soft and humid with sunny autumns and the soil is made of siliceous clay which is poor in lime, giving Bas Armagnacs a lightness and fragrance with subtle tastes