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Nusbaumer Poire William Eau de Vie Selection (Pear)

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Concours Général Agricole Paris 2018 – Gold Medal

Pear William eau de vie is world famous and often used in cocktails. The fruit has yellow-green skin, its flesh is white, fine, very juicy and fragrant with a tangy taste. Although a seed fruit, it is fermented and distilled in the same manner as a stone fruit.  Only ripe and healthy fruits are used to produce this elegant, fragrant brandy with characteristic aromas of the fruit.

Volume (cl):
70 cl
% Alcohol:
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Additional Information

Powerful and mellow bouquet, with characteristic aromas of the pear.
After distillation the brandy is aged in stainless steel barrels to obtain its unique roundness and finesse.
After a natural fermentation that is adjusted annually for changes in conditions, the fruits are distilled in a traditional and artisanal way in one of their small copper stills.
Powerful clear spirit with a delicate flavour of pear and a hint of the richness of its native land.
Reduction & Strength:
At ageing, it is reduced with water from Nusbaumer's mountain spring. This water, that passes through the schist bedrock, is of great purity and gives clarity of flavour.
Located in Alsace in the heart of the Val de Villé.