Gold Medals for Hermitage Cognacs

Gold Medal WinnerWe are delighted to announce that in the 2017 Cognac Masters our two single vintage cognacs both won Gold Medals.

Hermitage 1967 Petite Champagne Cognac is complex with many charming qualities. Mature, yet youthful and light, it is a little bit of Hermitage bliss.

Hermitage 1987 Grande Champagne Cognac is also wonderfully complex with flavours of wild fruits and roasted nuts, enhanced by its slightly higher strength of 47% abv.

A limited number of each are on offer during the month of May 2017 so, if you want to try award-winning cognacs that are fabulously different, now’s your chance.  And if you've got a big birthday or anniversary coming up, they are ideal for 30th or 50th celebrations too.

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