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Hermitage Single Cru Cognacs

Hermitage Single Cru Cognacs

A single cru cognac, like those offered by Hermitage Cognac, elevates the art of cognac making. While many high-end cognacs boast of fancy presentations and limited editions, the focus often shifts away from the liquid within. Hermitage, on the other hand, offers cognacs sourced from single estates in single crus.  While most hail from Grande Champagne, exceptions from Petite Champagne and Borderies offer a diverse range of profiles.  Each has either an age statement describing how many years it has spent in the barrel or is a vintage.  These vintage cognacs are found in one or two barrels, distilled in a specific year, untouched and unblended. Each bottle has unique flavours, akin to the revered concept of ‘Single Cask’ in whisky circles.

Hermitage Cognac, epitomising excellence, carefully selects eaux de vie for their quality and flavour.  The distinction lies not only in the exquisite taste but also in the transparency of the production process. Unlike some competitors, Hermitage Cognac vintages provide details about the year of distillation, ensuring a genuine connection with the history of each bottle. For instance, the Hermitage 1944 Grande Champagne Cognac, priced at just £860, offers a taste of a century-old harvest.

In the realm of premium cognac, where rarity often comes at an astronomical cost, Hermitage Cognac’s focus on single cru cognacs shines as beacons of value.  As Jean Monnet aptly noted, making cognac requires waiting, and Hermitage Cognac exemplifies this virtue. For those seeking the finest and most individual premier cru cognacs, Hermitage stands as a distinguished choice, offering a blend of history, craftsmanship, and unparalleled taste.