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Massougnes 1805 – ‘One Of The Rarest And Highest Value Single Cognac Sales In History’

1805 Cognac Massougnes fetches over £200,000 through London fine wine merchant Hedonism Wines

Massougnes 1805Hermitage Cognacs have provided one of the most expensive bottles of cognac ever sold in the UK, which has just been sold by London Fine Wine merchant, Hedonism Wines, for over £200,000.  The imperial three-quarter gallon bottle of Cognac Massougnes was acquired by Hermitage Cognacs some 20 years ago from Marie-Antoinette des Allées, Comtesse de la Bourdelière, whose family owns the former Cognac producing estate.

Hermitage Managing Director David Baker takes up the story:

“In over 30 years of buying and selling cognac, this 1805 is one of the oldest and rarest I have ever come across.  Massougnes produced historically famous cognacs pre-Phylloxera (the louse which devastated most of France’s vineyards in the 1860s), and we have dated their records back to at least 1730, making them the oldest known growers and sellers of brandies.

“At its peak the property covered 346 hectares, and Marie-Antoinette, who is the last remaining descendant of this famous family has written a charming note about the ‘life’ of this extraordinary cognac, which was created in the same year as the Battle of Trafalgar.”

Marie-Antoinette des Allées is a direct descendant of Louis VII and Eleanor of Aquitaine and their children, King Richard of England and King John.

Hermitage is focused on selling only the very best Grande Champagne cognac. Hermitage Cognacs have since 1987 established a peerless reputation as suppliers of the very finest cognacs from old family houses where traditions and skills date back over hundreds of years. It is thanks to Hermitage’s unique relationships, forged over decades, that they have access to the best examples, each one uniquely different, with examples such as this dating back to the end of the 19th Century and beyond.

This is the second such bottling from Massougnes which Hermitage have been able to source; another bottle sold for a similar sum in 2016. The identity of the purchaser has not been disclosed.

Massougnes 1801 sold for £222,000 !!

Massougnes 1801There was great excitement in the Brandyclassics office this week as the first of our two imperial three quarter gallon bottles of Massougnes Cognac was sold by the famous London store, Hedonism Wines, for £222,000.  The bottle originally came from Marie-Antoinette des Allees, Comtesse de la Bourdeliere, a direct descendent of Louis VII and Elleanor of Aquitaine and their children, King Richard of England and King John. The Comtesse still lives in the Chateau, on what remains of the Massougnes estate, near Aigre. Cognacs from the pre-Phylloxera era are a speciality of ours. In addition to the last remaining bottle of Massougnes (1805), we have a number of other very old cognacs dating from 1789 to 1893. Our post-Phylloxera cognac vintages range from 1900 to 2005.