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Cognac Sales On The Rise Worldwide

cognac salesThe premium drinks market is seeing a significant rise in demand as the worst effects of the pandemic subside.  The BNIC has just released figures that show a 31% increase in cognac exports by value, equating to an increase of 16% by volume.  These rises also compare favourably to the pre-pandemic demand in 2019.  “This growth reflects a real recovery of cognac, as well as new consumption habits,” the BNIC said.  Sales to the spirit’s largest market, the United States, climbed 11 %, sales to China, its second biggest, leapt 56 % whilst European sales were up 8%.  Cognac sales are also growing in newer markets, particularly South Africa and Nigeria.

The news signals a bounce back for the spirit, which suffered plummeting sales during the early days of the pandemic.  It was also aided in March last year with the 5 year suspension of tariffs between the EU and US, which lifted the crippling 25% duty which had been levied upon cognac among other brandies.  Thankfully we have experienced a similar upturn with all of our premium brandies, and Hermitage Cognacs in particular.

Premium Spirits preferred

The William Grant & Sons Market Report looks closely at changing consumer habits following the recession and concludes that “Value is much more than just value for money; it is now measured as the value that the brand, product or service can provide the consumer.” The marketing director goes on to surmise that “The market is more polarised than ever and it is premium brands that can really take advantage of this trend.”  The value of premium spirits sold in the UK has increased by 14% this year which is five times more than the total spirits market.  The consumer is becoming more discerning, consciously choosing how to spend his disposable income rather than cost-cutting across the board.  Premium brands, like Hermitage Cognacs, that offer excellent quality with value for money are what the customer seeks.  Compare our quality and price with the competition, you will be pleasantly surprised. Hermitage 1999 Grande Champagne Cognac retails for only £45.54 – try it and see.