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Mosgaard distillery was established in 2015 by Gitte and Jes Mosgaard. The distillery is located at an old farm on the southeastern coastline of the Island of Funen – the “fruit orchard” of Denmark. All products from the distillery are organic – this ensures a clean and crisp taste. The production is with CO2-neutral energy sources and zero-waste where all the remains from the primary production are reused as animal food. The organic Danish Barley Malt gives a rich and dark malty taste whilst being a cleaner and purer spirit. The water below the distillery is pure, hard, and full of minerals and the old saying still applies: hard water makes soft whisky. The stills are handmade in Portugal by gifted craftsmen – one hammer stroke at a time and the casks are built from carefully selected oak. Primary production is in small 50 litre casks, so Mosgaard Organic Whisky matures fast and keeps the rich, intense, fruity notes intact.