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Clos des Saveurs 1950 Armagnac

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Very much an artisanal product, this unique vintage armagnac was distilled in the mid-twentieth century. Long ageing in oak barrels has produced an elegant flavour with complex aromas.

Volume (cl):
70 cl
Vintage / Age:
% Alcohol:
Wooden Box

Additional Information

Complex with notes of vanilla and ginger
In oak barrels usually in old and quite damp cellars.
Most armagnacs have been produced using the continuous still with a series of plates over which the wines boil until the optimum level when the volatile steam is captured and then condensed
Very elegant with flavours of liquorice and saffron.
Grape Variety:
The main grape is Folle Blanche but Ugni Blanc, Colombard and Baco are also used.
This is close to the Bas region which is an advantage since during the Jurassic period, the ocean washed over the largely flat plains leaving a firm but sandy substrate ideal for Armagnac viticulture.