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Domaine de Cassagnoles 5 Year Old Tenareze Armagnac

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Concours Général Agricole Paris 2012 – Gold Medal

From the second cru of Armagnac this small house is predominantly a wine producer but has been making armagnacs for many years. The 5 y.o. has the traditional plummy style but in this case it has more of a greengage flavour and a clean finish.

Volume (cl):
70 cl
Vintage / Age:
% Alcohol:
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Additional Information

Fresh clean, more greengage than plum but with distinctive fruit and cedar aromas
Distillation is on a relatively small still at about 60 degrees
The refreshing style is dominated by the aroma of cedar but there is an almond and sweet basil taste as well as green plum. The flavour does not change as it matures in the mouth, this is due to the youthfulness of the armagnac
Grape Variety:
Some Ugni Blanc but some Folle Blanche is also known to be available with a number of grapes which may include some sauvignon
Reduction & Strength:
Distilled water is slowly added during the ageing
The soil is basically a mixture of shale and clay