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Delord 1935 Bas Armagnac

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There are many good armagnacs from between the two great wars when manufacture was much harder than today. This is a fine example of the distillers skills.

Bas Armagnac
Volume (cl):
70 cl
Vintage / Age:
% Alcohol:
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Deep prune and walnuts with an intense rancio aroma, a form of maderisation or enrichening created by the barrel tannins in the oak. There are hints of cedar and spices.
Distilled at around 57 - 60 degrees. Lower than other brandies, providing greater wine flavours but less refinement than cognacs
Pruney with some delicious roasted walnut tones. It has a deep richness which is highly regarded by connoisseurs. These older Delord vintages are some of the finest still available.
Grape Variety:
Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche and Baco
Reduction & Strength:
Delord minimise their dilutions wherever possible, but all of their armagnacs are bottled at 40% abv.
The climate is soft and humid with sunny autumns and the soil is made of siliceous clay which is poor in lime, giving Bas Armagnacs a lightness and fragrance with subtle tastes