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Hermitage Returns to Prowine Singapore 23 – 26 April 2024

Discover why Hermitage Single Estate Cognacs are revered as the pinnacle of luxury. Our commitment to sourcing high quality, aged premier cru cognacs ensures an unparalleled tasting experience. From 20 year old cask matured eaux de vie to rare finds aged for nearly a century, our cognacs are free from artificial additives, and boast age statements for transparency.

Chosen for maximum flavour and minimal alcohol burn, Hermitage Single Estate Cognacs undergo long barrel ageing in dark, humid cellars by seasoned cellar masters. Plus, enjoy competitive prices that are only half that of big brand generic blends like VSOP and XO.

Hermitage Single Estate, Premier Cru Cognacs are magnificent examples of luxury and  our Asian customers adore them. We are now actively distributing our fine cognacs across Southeast Asia. Tasting is believing so come and taste the mastery of tradition at Prowine Singapore, 23 – 26 April, booth 2C2-11. Sample our classic cognacs, including the Hermitage 50 Year Old, Hermitage 1944, 1960, 2004, and the magnificent 1 litre crystal decanter, Marie Louise 70 Year Old, all timeless classics from the Grande Champagne region.

Looking to offer your customers the finest cognacs? Look no further than Hermitage Cognac.

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