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70th Anniversary Gifts

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A seventieth anniversary is a wonderful cause for celebration and as with all big celebrations, there will no doubt be 70th anniversary gifts aplenty. Celebrating an anniversary is special whatever the milestone but if you’re looking for some 70th anniversary present ideas to really make the occasion special, we have a selection of vintage brandies from which to choose. Whether it’s a wedding anniversary, work anniversary or just a special milestone, we have the perfect present for the brandy connoisseur. It’s not always easy to find something special enough but our vintage brandies are hand-picked, delicious and very rare. We specialise in vintage cognacs, vintage armagnacs and vintage calvados; their ageing processes have been tightly controlled so you can be sure that you are buying brandies of exceptional quality and flavour. They have either been aged in the barrel for 70 years or harvested 70 years ago in the year designated on the label. Those turning 70 this year were born after World War II, in 1950, when fast changes began occurring worldwide.  In the UK, Labour won the General Election and so Clement Attlee succeeded WInston Churchill as Prime Minister.  In the US, the first independent credit card company was launched.  Known as the Diner’s Club, the credit cards were initially made of cardboard.   It was also the year that the football World Cup returned, following a 12 year break due to the war.  Played in South America, the favourites, Brazil, lost 2-1 to Uruguay.  And in the newspapers, the Peanuts comic strip was first published.  Created by Charles Schulz, it featured the classic character Charlie Brown. Also celebrating becoming a septuagenarian this year are Stevie Wonder, Tom Petty and Loyd Grosman, so the occasion will be in good company!.