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1967 Vintage Petite Champagne CognacOur Latest Vintage Cognac Release


We are very excited about our latest vintage cognac release, the Hermitage Petite Champagne 1967.

At 41% abv, this complex cognac has many charming and attractive qualities. It is mature yet youthful and light. There are flavours of wild cherry, mangosteen, toast, muscat, dried fig, allspice and even a hint of turmeric on the tail.

One cognac in a range of nearly thirty, this is a little piece of Hermitage pure bliss.

And you can try it at a very special price this month as our Introductory Offer provides a 10% Discount.

Four More Gold MedalsAward winning Single Estate Cognac


Another great year at The Spirits Business Awards for Hermitage Cognacs as all four of our entrants were awarded GOLD medals.

Hermitage Provenance Grande Champagne 6 Year Old, 20 Year Old and 30 Year Old produced specifically for the export market all proved their worth.

In our ever growing premier collection, one of our latest vintage releases, Hermitage Chez Richon 2005 Grande Champagne was the fourth highly successful cognac.

Following on from our Cognac Grand Master Award 2014, this news could hardly have been better.

Discounts At Luxurious Hotels For Brandyclassics Customers10% Luxury Hotel Discount For Brandyclassics Customers

For more than a decade we have supplied Hand Picked Hotels with Hermitage Cognacs and other brandies. Hand Picked, like us, believe that their customers seek individuality and their stunning range of 21 architecturally splendid country hotels across the UK offer guests an indulgent, yet attainable, country house visit. Like Hand Picked Hotels, we too specialise in providing individuality across our luxury range of Hermitage Grand Cru Cognacs with age statements.

We are therefore delighted to announce that from now on, not only will you be able to buy Hermitage Cognacs at all Hand Picked Hotels, you will also receive a Special Discount when booking accommodation with them. The offers available to Brandyclassics Customers are regularly reviewed and each month we will feature an individual Hand Picked Hotel Hotel to whet your appetite.

Customer ReviewsHermitage Cognac Custoemrs


“My order came today.  Thank you for your advice and excellent service.” 
 PD, Cumbria

 ... the cognac arrived in time and was a perfect gift.  Many thanks for your help and prompt actions."
  PV, Lithuania


Thank you for the follow up, the excellent service, and for taking the time.....The next time I am looking for any Brandy or Cognac I will certainly be using your site!"

Hermitage single estate cognacs

Bottles of award winning Hermitage vintage cognacs Hermitage Cognacs are a range of carefully selected single estate vintage cognacs designed for the most discerning of professionals and connoisseurs. Over the years our relationship with the scions of family firms who have produced the finest cognacs from the top regions in France has enabled Brandyclassics to choose and design award winning cognacs. Our long relationships with these old cognac professionals has enabled us to identify closely with our customers’ needs. Age statements and vintages are now recognised by discerning customers as satisfying their individual needs unlike the generic highly blended VS, VSOP and XO cognacs.

The extraordinary quality of Hermitage Pure Vintage Cognacs is matched only by their extraordinary value, a further advantage of working directly with the Masters of Cognac.

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The finest supplier of single estate vintage brandies in the world

Some of the many fine single estate cognacs for sale online at BrandyClassics For more than thirty years Brandyclassics have been associated with some of the oldest and finest cognac and brandy producers in the world. Our need for these superb spirits is only matched by our customers, who seek single estate brandies of extraordinary quality which have matured in old cellars for hundreds of years.

Our range of pure cognacs is the largest in the country and entirely free of the sugar syrup and caramel additives used by the big blenders. They satisfy the needs of many of the finest hotels and restaurants in the world, where vintage and individuality are synonymous with their success. Only when you experience our nectars from a past era will you recognise the quality of vintage and single estate from Brandyclassics.

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Armagnacs, the fruit of the Gascons

Some of the many fine armagnacs for sale online at BrandyClassics France’s oldest brandy, Armagnac has been produced for more than 700 years. Armagnacs are made from several grape varieties and distilled in the traditional Armagnaçais continuous single still. There are hundreds of small producers, who, unlike cognac, are not dominated by big houses. Vintages and age statements come much easier here and there are a wealth of producers each with fruity and delicious armagnacs.

Our pages are full of the very finest available such as the remarkable 5 year old from Cassagnoles, the wonderful vintages from Chateau de Bordeneuve, Castarede, Darbeau , Montal and our latest range from Clos des Saveurs who, like the famous Delord Armagnacs use the traditional Basquaise green bottle presentations. You’ll be spoilt for choice!

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A unique collection of Pre-phylloxera and Early Vintages


A collection of rare prephylloxera cognacs for sale online at BrandyClassics Brandyclassics are closely associated with many old chais and cellars throughout the Charente region and have access to some of the very oldest cognacs known to man. Our stock of really old cognacs is in huge demand and is regularly required in the most luxurious hotels in the world. We never buy or sell these great monarchs of bygone years blind. There are many tests of both provenance and quality which we conduct before selling them.

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