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New vintage cognac for EasterHermitage 2005 Vintage Cognac

Easter is a great time of year for celebrating all things new. Whether you’re enjoying the longer days, or new born lambs, or hedgerows bursting into life it is the time to look forward to the year ahead with renewed energy and vigour. And what better way to start than with a glass of our newly released, vintage Hermitage 2005 Cognac?

This is another remarkable cognac from Chez Richon and a new addition to our Hermitage collection that is fresh, delicious and exciting. Similar in style to our best-selling, but now finished, Hermitage 2000 we’re sure it is going to be just as popular.

So try something new after your Sunday roast this Easter. Hermitage 2005 Cognac is a real treat, we promise, either for you or as an Easter Gift.

Brandy Prices Reduced as
Exchange Rate Improves

Recent improvements in the £ / € exchange rate have been of great importance to importers like us so we feel that it is only right and proper to share our good fortune with you. We are extremely grateful to all our customers who have loyally supported us throughout the recession years and now we would like to give you something in return.

Traditionally this time of the year sees many cognac and armagnac prices increase and indeed in many cases they have but, to reflect the recent strength of the pound, we are cutting our prices across the board by 1%. As we know in all walks of life – every little helps!

Hermitage Cognacs awarded the Spirit Business Cognac Grand Master 2014 medal

Hermitage Cognacs awarded Cognac Grand Master

Last year we were delighted to announce the success of our Hermitage Provenance Cognacs winning Gold medals at The Cognac Masters - a blind tasting competition with an independent panel of expert judges - but our latest news is even better!

Just before Christmas we were thrilled to receive this magnificent trophy having been announced as The Spirits Business Cognac Grand Master.

A real accolade, designed to emphasise excellence in the spirits industry, it confirmed Hermitage Cognacs as the best cognac house in the entire competition.

Click here to view the entire range and judge for yourselves.

Hermitage Provenance Cognacs Win Masters Medals

We are delighted to announce that three of our new Hermitage Provenance range of single estate cognacs, produced for the Asian market, have won medals at the 2014 Cognac Masters Awards.

The Hermitage Provenance Grand Champagne 10 year old, Grand Champagne 25 year old and Petite Champagne 30 year old were all awarded Masters Medals. This exciting array of awards proves that it is not just us that think our cognacs are the best, the judges were obviously bowled over too!

Yet another accolade for our exceptional Hermitage Cognac Range - single estate, luxury, vintage cognacs with age statements – surely the most decorated cognac house in existence today.

A Great Collection of Medal Winners

Award winning Hermitage Cognacs Hermitage Cognacs were on top of the podium again in July 2013, this time at the highly prestigious International Wine and Spirits Competition.

Recognising the wonderful quality of carefully aged, single estate cognacs, the judges placed both the Hermitage Segonzac 25 Year Old Grande Champagne Cognac and the Hermitage Chez Richon 2000 Grande Champagne Cognac at the top of their respective classes and awarded them each a Gold Medal.

These latest awards add to Hermitage Cognac’s vast medal haul to date which surely makes it one of the most successful Cognac Houses in existence.

Cognac - the story of the world’s greatest brandy by author Nick Faith

Cognac - the story of the world’s greatest brandy

This wonderfully researched book by Nick Faith covers every aspect of cognac’s long and colourful history, its development through time and a great deal of information on its production and ageing. Cognac is a hugely complex and diverse spirit which is several stages on from wine, and when understood properly creates an incredibly exciting encyclopaedia of knowledge.

There are more than five thousand different cognacs, all created in different ways by different distillers. It is a shame that so little is understood about cognac by sommeliers and bar managers; let us hope that Nick’s book gets the attention it deserves. It is not a mere guide, it is the standard to which we should all aspire.

‘Cognac’ is available to purchase on our Occasion Gifts page

Hermitage single estate cognacs

Bottles of award winning Hermitage vintage cognacs Hermitage Cognacs are a range of carefully selected single estate vintage cognacs designed for the most discerning of professionals and connoisseurs. Over the years our relationship with the scions of family firms who have produced the finest cognacs from the top regions in France has enabled Brandyclassics to choose and design award winning cognacs. Our long relationships with these old cognac professionals has enabled us to identify closely with our customers’ needs. Age statements and vintages are now recognised by discerning customers as satisfying their individual needs unlike the generic highly blended VS, VSOP and XO cognacs.

The extraordinary quality of Hermitage Pure Vintage Cognacs is matched only by their extraordinary value, a further advantage of working directly with the Masters of Cognac.

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The finest supplier of single estate vintage brandies in the world

Some of the many fine single estate cognacs for sale online at BrandyClassics For more than thirty years Brandyclassics have been associated with some of the oldest and finest cognac and brandy producers in the world. Our need for these superb spirits is only matched by our customers, who seek single estate brandies of extraordinary quality which have matured in old cellars for hundreds of years.

Our range of pure cognacs is the largest in the country and entirely free of the sugar syrup and caramel additives used by the big blenders. They satisfy the needs of many of the finest hotels and restaurants in the world, where vintage and individuality are synonymous with their success. Only when you experience our nectars from a past era will you recognise the quality of vintage and single estate from Brandyclassics.

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Armagnacs, the fruit of the Gascons

Some of the many fine armagnacs for sale online at BrandyClassics France’s oldest brandy, Armagnac has been produced for more than 700 years. Armagnacs are made from several grape varieties and distilled in the traditional Armagnaçais continuous single still. There are hundreds of small producers, who, unlike cognac, are not dominated by big houses. Vintages and age statements come much easier here and there are a wealth of producers each with fruity and delicious armagnacs.

Our pages are full of the very finest available such as the remarkable 5 year old from Cassagnoles, the wonderful vintages from Chateau de Bordeneuve, Castarede, Darbeau , Montal and our latest range from Clos des Saveurs who, like the famous Delord Armagnacs use the traditional Basquaise green bottle presentations. You’ll be spoilt for choice!

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A unique collection of Pre-phylloxera and Early Vintages


A collection of rare prephylloxera cognacs for sale online at BrandyClassics Brandyclassics are closely associated with many old chais and cellars throughout the Charente region and have access to some of the very oldest cognacs known to man. Our stock of really old cognacs is in huge demand and is regularly required in the most luxurious hotels in the world. We never buy or sell these great monarchs of bygone years blind. There are many tests of both provenance and quality which we conduct before selling them.

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