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Hermitage Trilogy Cognacs

Hermitage Cognac unveils ‘The Trilogy’, featuring Cigar 15, Café 20, and Cacao 25 Grande Champagne Cognacs. Aged without colour or sugar additives, each bottle epitomises top cru excellence for the true connoisseur’s delight. This sensory journey, highlighting our distinctive mocha and roasted nuts house style, honours the tapestry of 20th Century café culture.

The packaging, reminiscent of Impressionist Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s allure, artfully intertwines the sophistication of cognac, coffee, cigars, and cacao.

Hermitage Trilogy Cognacs

Hermitage Cigar 15 Cognac: Many fine aromas of tobacco, almond and nutmeg precede. The drier forest floor flavours with walnut, saffron and cocoa tailing off to a long, kumquat finish. Abv 41% 

Hermitage Café 20 Cognac: A rich, robust, dark cognac with mocha, coffee and roasted walnut flavours combined with brittle toffee and some citrus finishing notes.  Abv 42% 

Hermitage Cacao 25 Cognac: Initial aromas of dark chocolate complement balanced flavours including wild cherries, bay leaves, ginger, honey and a long orange marmalade finish. Abv 43%

‘The Trilogy’ encapsulates the essence of Grande Champagne quality, presenting a refined fusion of flavours inspired by a timeless era in every sip.