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Hermitage Trilogy Cognacs

Hermitage Cognac unveils ‘The Trilogy’, featuring Cigar 15, Café 20, and Cacao 25 Grande Champagne Cognacs. Aged without colour or sugar additives, each bottle epitomises top cru excellence for the true connoisseur’s delight. This sensory journey, highlighting our distinctive mocha and roasted nuts house style, honours the tapestry of 20th Century café culture.

The packaging, reminiscent of Impressionist Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s allure, artfully intertwines the sophistication of cognac, coffee, cigars, and cacao.

Hermitage Trilogy Cognacs

Hermitage Cigar 15 Cognac: Many fine aromas of tobacco, almond and nutmeg precede. The drier forest floor flavours with walnut, saffron and cocoa tailing off to a long, kumquat finish. Abv 41% 

Hermitage Café 20 Cognac: A rich, robust, dark cognac with mocha, coffee and roasted walnut flavours combined with brittle toffee and some citrus finishing notes.  Abv 42% 

Hermitage Cacao 25 Cognac: Initial aromas of dark chocolate complement balanced flavours including wild cherries, bay leaves, ginger, honey and a long orange marmalade finish. Abv 43%

‘The Trilogy’ encapsulates the essence of Grande Champagne quality, presenting a refined fusion of flavours inspired by a timeless era in every sip.

The Reincarnation of Camille Boissier

A Cognac Novel

If you love the Cognac region of France, and are looking for something different to read, then this Cognac novel could be for you:

“In the hear of the Grande Champagne district in France, Chateau Biossier becomes the battleground for a high-stakes game of chess between Gerard Boissier, the desperate owner of the cognac estate, and Carlo Fieschi, a conniving Corsican rogue.

Gerard, drowning in debt, is willing to risk it all on the outcome of a late-night game of chess. As the tension escalates, Fieschi proposes a sinister deal; he offers Gerard a way out of his financial troubles by casting Gerard’s daughter, Jeanne, in a film role. In a moment of weakness, Gerard agrees, unknowingly sealing his daughter’s fate.

The Reincarnation of Camillie Boissier is a gripping tale of deception, desperation and the dark side of ambition, exploring the lengths to which people will go in the pursuit of their desires and the devastating consequences that follow; a poignant tale of love, understanding and connection set against the backdrop of outstanding French countryside.”

Written by prolific author and cognac fan, Robert Wallace, the paperback can be purchased at

Cognacs With Age Statements

Age StatementsCognac house Maison Bache Gabrielsen has released a new series of cognacs with age statements called Years in Cask.  Good to see them following in our footsteps!  These cognacs are also vintages so by definition they must be single estate and cannot be blended.  Once vintage cognacs have reached their optimum maturity they are transferred to glass bonbonnes where they will mature no further.

Bache Gabrielsen have released 4 new cognacs aged from 19 to 37 years.  The younger two come from Grande Champagne, the top cru, where cognacs take the longest to mature whilst the older two come from Fin Bois, a lesser known cru.  Their prices range from £163 to £344 for a 70cl bottle with abvs being between 40 and 47 percent.  It is great to see another cognac house heralding the benefits of age statement and vintage cognac but before you part with your hard earned cash to try them out, take a look at the quality and price of the following, produced by Hermitage:

Cognac Sector Must Uphold Rules

Cognac SectorThe Spirits Business’ Melita Kiely recently interviewed our MD, David Baker, about the cognac sector and this is what she had to say:

‘From music and wine to fine French spirits, David Baker has had quite the journey building his Hermitage Cognacs brand. He tells us why interest in Cognac is on the rise, and why the category should stay true to its rules and regulations.’

She discusses the merits of Hermitage Paradis 1885 Grande Champagne Cognac which was distilled in the year when Mark Twain published the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in the US, the Statue of Liberty arrived in New York on the French ship Isere and Louis Pasteur successfully tested his vaccine against rabies.  And finishes her article off by saying:

For Baker, quality will be the focal point of all of Hermitage Cognacs’ endeavours, and his quest to find and bottle the rarest, most expressive and complex Cognacs will continue. “At our end of the line, what we’re looking at is to find Cognacs that are beyond comparison, Cognacs that are so good people want to buy them for their own private usage, either as an investment or to keep for their families to be passed on for generations to come,” he says. And long may it continue.

You can read the full article here.

Hermitage 1890 Grande Champagne Cognac

18901890We are always excited by a new arrival, especially when it is one from the nineteenth century!  Our Hermitage Paradis1890 Grande Champagne Cognac is the fourth addition to our Paradis range and has just taken pride of place on our shelves.  To add some historical context, 1890 was the year that England witnessed the first official County Cricket match when Yorkshire beat Gloucestershire by 8 wickets.

This remarkable cognac has spent more than 80 years in its oak cask slowly developing its rich aromas and complex flavours. There are aromas of marmalade, thyme, banana and spices with a rich and lovely complexity of flavours including mandarin, toffee brittle, allspice, marmalade, gingerbread and roasted nut flavours.  Beautifully balanced, the flavours surround the tongue with a rich velvet softness which enhances the intense ‘rancio’.

And you can hear our MD, David Baker, talking about this cognac and the history of Hermitage as a brand on Food FM’s The Drinking Hour with David Kermode.  Select Episode 8 and tune in at 38 minutes, it’s very educational!


The Wine Merchant & The Cognac Hunter

wine merchantThe Wine Merchant is the first trade magazine aimed solely at independent wine retailers and has been around for nearly 10 years.  This month it published a double page spread featuring the founder of Hermitage Cognac, David Baker, and some of Hermitage’s finest cognacs.  Dubbed ‘The Cognac Hunter’, his story is summed up in the introduction:

David Baker uses his network of connections in the Grande Champagne region and beyond to seek out the kinds of long-aged, single estate cognacs that tell the story of this classic brandy in a far more evocative and compelling way than the big brands ever could.  You can read the full article here on pages 52 & 53.

Also in the press this week, Will Lyons of The Sunday Times wrote about ‘Special Drinks for Special Birthdays’ and concluded that “David Baker at Brandyclassics has assembled an impressive array of old spirits to choose from”.   The ‘Best bottles to give as gifts’ is something we know all about at Brandyclassics.

Hermitage Paradis 1885 GC Cognac – A Masterpiece

MasterpieceOur range of Hermitage Paradis Cognacs continues to expand with this stunning arrival from 1885.  Perhaps the best cognac we have ever tasted, this masterpiece will never be repeated.

Distilled in the year that the Statue of Liberty arrived in New York, a gift from the French people, it has been aged for a staggering 110 years.  The much sought after ‘rancio’ in this cognac is incredibly intense and rich.  It was brought about by long barrel ageing, in two different barrels, which has created an unbelievable ‘double rancio’ effect.  The aroma is remarkable and the flavour, sensational. Many of the aromas are also found in the flavours. The molasses, cherry and roasted walnut are all there but also turmeric and black truffle, medlar, allspice, fig, cocoa and almond.

Released with very limited supply, there are only a few bottles remaining already …..

Hermitage 1960 Wins The Cognac Trophy At IWSC 2020

Cognac TrophyHaving received news that Hermitage Single Estate Cognacs won three Gold Medals or better at IWSC 2020, we have just found out that Hermitage 1960 Grande Champagne Cognac won The Cognac Trophy.

Scoring 98 points the judges commented:

“Exceedingly complex and broad in its depth of aromas and flavours.  Prominent notes of refreshing and zingy sherbet are united with red berries and smooth hints of fine leather for a seamlessly crafted and decadently elegant enjoyable palate.”

In celebration of this fantastic news we are offering 10% Off this magnificent cognac throughout October.  Distilled 60 years ago, it is the perfect gift for anyone born in 1960.