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The Bottle Story

  • Another Historic Cognac Vintage - 1947

    We are delighted to announce the addition of yet another Hermitage Ville Ancienne cognac to our range.  This particular vintage is proving to be a rarity.  Hermitage 1947 Grande Champagne Cognac has flavours of sweet spices, ripe medlars, muscat grapes, ripe plums and cocoa. Superbly balanced, it has developed a good rancio.  We don’t expect it to be available for long!

    This cognac was distilled 70 years ago in 1947.   That year, George Marshall outlined the ‘Marshall Plan’ which set out to rebuild Western Europe after the second World War. Also, the future British Queen, Princess Elizabeth II wed Lt Philip Mountbatten in Westminster Abbey, London.

  • The Last Drop 1947 Cognac

    1947 cognacThe Last Drop Distillers, recently bought by Sazerac, has released a limited run of a 1947 Hors d’Age Cognac. Distilled just after the end of World War II, just 186 bottles are in existence. Each bottle has been filled by hand, wax sealed and presented in a red leather case along with a 50ml miniature. The bottling also includes a certificate of authenticity, a leather-bound tasting booklet and a custom-made stopper. It is an attractive presentation but before you feel compelled to part with £3,200 for one, check out the competition first. Hermitage 1947 Grande Champagne Cognac is a real gem from the same year. Traditionally presented, it can be purchased for a mere £711.34.

  • An Historic 1957 Cognac Vintage

    1957 CognacThis 1957 Cognac has just arrived at our Hermitage Ville Ancienne stable.  It is another vintage cognac from the mid twentieth century.

    Hermitage 1957 Grande Champagne Cognac has a delightful initial aroma of ginger, sweet spices, linden and white truffle and exceptional flavours of roasted almonds, truffle, porcini and macadamia nuts. A long, balanced, grapefruit peel finish completes the enjoyment of this delicious nectar.

    The 1957 Cognac was distilled 60 years ago.  That same year the Soviet Union launched ‘Sputnik 1’ – the first artificial satellite to orbit the earth.  We also said goodbye to the much-loved Humphrey Bogart.

  • Frapin VSOP Decanter

    FrapinFrapin has released its VSOP in a new decanter – taller and narrower than the original, it has different detailing on the neck and stopper. One could argue that it looks more like a bottle than a decanter. Frapin is the largest single estate in Grande Champagne (240 hectares) with a family history dating back to 1270. They are known for producing fruity, balanced cognacs but without age statements. A VSOP only has to be aged for 4 years – quite young for the price tag of £55. Compare this with our new VSOP arrival which has been aged for 8 years – Jean Fillioux La Pouyade – retailing at just £46.51. For presentation though you cannot beat our extremely elegant carafes containing Hermitage 20 and 25 year old Grande Champagne Cognac.

  • New Hermitage Vintage Cognac Releases

    straight sided still head producing vintage cognacDavid has been in France again looking for more wonderful cognacs to add to the Hermitage Vintage Cognac stable. The latest introduction is a fabulous 30 Year Old Grande Champagne Cognac with rich nut, spice and coffee flavours.

    He also sourced a superb 1987 vintage which was distilled 30 years ago and is now released at the slightly higher strength of 47%.   Retailing at about £130 it compares very favourably to the recently released Hine 1987 which has an RRP of £245. Both were produced when a very cold winter was followed by a wet spring and scorching summer - perfect conditions for producing great vintage cognac. Our latest Hermitage Cognacs were produced on a narrow, straight-sided still head which minimises rectification and maximises flavour.


  • Centenarian 1917 Cognac

    1917 Limited Edition CognacFor those with a century to celebrate this Limited Edition Hermitage 1917 Cognac is a must. Harvested during the First World War, this Grande Champagne cognac is powerful and complex and will delight any cognac lover. Only 27 bottles are available and for the month of April 2017, each one has an astonishing £100 OFF. Other vintages available for special anniversaries or birthdays this year include Hermitage 1967 Petite Champagne Cognac, Chateau Montifaud 1977 Petite Champagne Cognac and Hermitage 1987 Grande Champagne Cognac.  If 1947 is the vintage you're after, it will be arriving on our shelves very soon.  For even more choice, take a look at our vast range of vintage armagnacs and calvados too.

  • The Bottle Story - Larsen Drakkar Carafe

    To celebrate its 90th anniversary Cognac Larsen has released an updated version of its Larsen Drakkar carafe. Created in 1952 in homage to the Nordic origins of its founder, Jens Reidar Larsen, the Drakkar Viking ship has become the symbol of the Cognac House. This new, minimalist , more modern version of the carafe is a limited edition to celebrate a history of 90 years. Although originally known for their blend of Petite Champagne and Fins Bois cognacs, Larsen have filled this carafe with Fine Champagne, a blend of Grande and Petite Champagne Cognacs. Retailing at 200 Euros, it will be interesting to see how this version of the original viking ship carafe is received 65 years on.  We tend to prefer more traditional designs:

  • New Cognacs In Stock

    New CognacsNew cognacs have been arriving in our stores over the past few months.  The latest addition to our Hermitage Cognacs range is an exceptional vintage 1956. Beautifully balanced with a long finish this is certainly a cognac to savour and for those wanting just a taster, it is also available in 20Cl bottles.

    We recently supplied our Hermitage 1975 Cognac in magnums for a very special order. Looking mighty impressive, they tasted even better. One of our most successful vintages, the 1975 is coming to an end so if you need to replenish your stocks then please do so right away.

    The Christmas winner however, was our Hermitage Cognac Café 20. It was featured in the Sunday papers where TV presenter and award-winning wine expert Olly Smith commented “this is as good as it gets and it’s mind-blowing with after-dinner coffee”. Have you tried it yet?

  • The Bottle Story - What's in a Cognac Label?

    We are used to seeing unusual designs of cognac bottles and carafes to catch the eye (many of which have been featured here in The Bottle Story) but recently some big producers have taken to using a bespoke cognac label, designed by a well-known artist, to make their products stand out on the shelves. Hennessy, in particular, must feel that their products are in need of a boost and American tattoo artist Scott Campbell has created the latest artwork. Its purpose, presumably, is to attract younger customers who, in the last 10 years, have embraced the tattoo culture and made it the latest ‘must-have’. Another of Hennessy’s labels was designed by the Italian duo, Carnovsky. A far more colourful affair, this was probably commissioned primarily for the American market. Many of the big houses’ products contain young, blended cognacs which can be difficult to differentiate by taste. These labels are certainly eye catching and will probably serve their purpose of making the bottle stand out from the crowd. Here at Hermitage we take a different approach. Our product, its label and packaging is designed to exude luxury but in a classical, tasteful way. We know that our customers buy Hermitage for the fabulous flavours and individuality of each cognac so gimmicky labels that might look good on the bar, or the sideboard at home, wouldn’t only convey the wrong impression, they’re just not necessary.  Take a look at our cognacs here.

  • A Small Taste of Hermitage Cognac Heaven in 20cl Bottles

    Hermitage 20cl bottlesThe first 20cl bottles of Hermitage Cognac are being launched.  This new concept has been designed to suit the needs of many; connoisseurs seeking to taste some of our more expensive cognacs but also individuals wishing to buy sufficient for a small gathering such as a dinner party or to avoid waste at a cosy function. These sophisticated and exciting bottles are new to the industry and another ‘1st’ For Hermitage Cognacs. Currently a selection of our cognacs are available in 20cl bottles from Hedonism Wines and our website and shortly we will be releasing the new Cognac Café 20 in this format. Ideal to drink with a late morning coffee or as a ‘digestif’ before retiring, the 20cl Cognac Café 20 will be the perfect accompaniment to any occasion.

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