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Brandyclassics News – Lots of New Vintages – Summer 2019

New VintagesWe are truly at the height of summer here in the UK.  France has experienced extremes of weather again this year, but the growing season is going well.  As ever DB has been searching out new cognacs for you to enjoy and recently, he added four new vintages to the Hermitage stable.  From the top cru, Grande Champagne, comes Hermitage 1940 Cognac.  A beautifully balanced amber nectar, with aromas of chestnuts and truffles, it was produced in the year Winston Churchill became British Prime Minister and ordered the Dunkirk Evacuation.  Also from Grande Champagne comes Hermitage 1950 Cognac – a real joy to taste with flavours including plum crumble with a blood orange peel finish.  Hermitage 1970 Fins Bois Cognac was harvested in the year Concorde made its first supersonic flight.  It is rare to find cognacs from the Fins Bois in the Hermitage range but this one is really very special.  And finally, our highly prized, much sought after Hermitage 1999 Grande Champagne Cognac has nearly run out but fortunately we have found an equally magnificent Hermitage 1995 Grande Champagne Cognac with which to replace it.  Aged for a longer period, it has a greater complexity of flavours including butterscotch, cocoa, walnuts and baked apples.  We are very excited by our latest find.  It is rich and beautifully balanced, ..… you will not be disappointed.


We also continue to increase our range of vintage cognacs, armagnacs and calvados.  Our stock now includes vintage brandies from every year from 1928 – 2002 & a few more besides.  If you are looking for a specific year, just search on our website or give us a ring (01225 863988).

40 Years In The Making – Grande Champagne Cognac

40 yearsWe have spent decades looking for a 40 year old cognac that is worthy of the Hermitage label and so we are very excited to announce that it is here at last, aged for 40 years.

Aged with great care and expertise, this wonderful Grande Champagne cognac has been in an oak barrel for 40 years slowly maturing to its optimum condition. Flavours of plum and vanilla expand into lychee, pear, hay, plum and dried mandarin demonstrating complexity and individuality.

A great cognac for any occasion but especially for those celebrating a 40th anniversary or 40th birthday.  Take advantage of its special price throughout July 2019.

New Hermitage Vintage Cognac Releases

straight sided still head producing vintage cognacDavid has been in France again looking for more wonderful cognacs to add to the Hermitage Vintage Cognac stable. The latest introduction is a fabulous 30 Year Old Grande Champagne Cognac with rich nut, spice and coffee flavours.

He also sourced a superb 1987 vintage which was distilled 30 years ago and is now released at the slightly higher strength of 47%.   Retailing at about £130 it compares very favourably to the recently released Hine 1987 which has an RRP of £245. Both were produced when a very cold winter was followed by a wet spring and scorching summer – perfect conditions for producing great vintage cognac. Our latest Hermitage Cognacs were produced on a narrow, straight-sided still head which minimises rectification and maximises flavour.


New Hermitage Cognac Vintages Available

We are very excited about the addition of three, new, luxury Grande Champagne Cognacs to our Hermitage collection.  Our best-selling Hermitage 2000 has now sold out but any one of these new arrivals would be a perfect alternative.  Hermitage 2005 is very similar in style with its mocha, toffee and spice flavours and is remarkable for a cognac of its age.  Already a Masters winner at the recent Cognac Masters Awards, Hermitage Provenance 10 is “really expressive”, according to the judges, and will surely have everyone coming back for more.  And Hermitage 20 Year Old is a gorgeous, deep golden cognac with complex flavours and is beautifully presented in an elegant Helios carafe.

But don’t just take our word for it – try them for yourself.